Picture of BFX Build Plan Kano Metal Face Mask
So you want to enter the epic tournament that keeps the evil forces of Outworld from invading the Earth dimension. Well you better have half a metal face and a red glowing eye or you're totally boned! Don't worry though, Indy Mogul is here to help. Below are the Build Plans for BFX Episode 45: Kano Mask.

Shopping List:

1 Phantom of the Opera Mask.
(Your classic half mask. It's white, plastic and cheap!)

Plumbers Epoxy.
(I like the "5 minutes to set" stuff. This stuff is great. Like playdough that turns to plastic!)

Red Plastic Reflector.
(I found a set of 2 at the hardware store for like 3 bucks, but you can always get one off an old bike or car.)

Spray Paint.
(I bought a chrome and steel color.)

Liquid Latex.
(I should buy this stuff in bulk. You can find it cheap online.)

Spirit Gum.
(You only need a small amount.)

Novelty Ear lights.
(Or any other bright, cheap LED's with a convenient switch built in.)

Basic Make-Up Kit.
(Some reds, and browns to enhance your scar tissue. Also some powder to reduce shine.)

Soft Nose Putty.
(Also called "Nose and scar wax" this s great for creating everything!)

Old T-shirt.
(White or gray.)

Pajama pants.
(Or sweat pants, white or gray.)

Brown duct tape.

2 old belts.
(The thicker the better.)

An old pair of black socks.
(To make into bad-ass arm bands.....duh.)

Step 1: Making the Mask

Picture of Making the Mask
The Mask

This is actually a really simple and cheap build. You'll need to trim your mask so start by holding your mask up to the actor who will be wearing it. Use a pen and mark where to cut. You want this thing to fit the contours of your actor, so that usually means trimming around the cheek and forehead and removing the nose piece. These plastic masks are so cheap you should be able to cut them with regular scissors.
sorry dude but kenos cyborg eye is on left side
bobhill1256 years ago
you should of made a fatality
how much is the plumbers epoxy...i REALLY need to know
It's about $6 at Lowe's. Probably comparable elsewhere.
WurdBendur7 years ago
You could actually just use water if you don't feel like spitting on it.
warlord7 years ago
Nice! Reminds me a little of my T2 costume. If your budget was better I would suggest using foam latex instead of hard plastic. The "living faces" are pretty easy to modify and are $20. It's a little more flexible for eating, smiling, etc. Otherwise, just cut a little more plastic away from the cheek and your set.
deth2all7 years ago
when i was a wee little boy, i was T2 for Halloween and had a getup like this, but terminator style, and the eye lit up red
norml7 years ago
well done sir.