Introduction: BIC BB-GUN (very Easy - Fun in the Classroom!)

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Hello guys,
i'll show you how to make a great BB-gun with some very simple stuff
that everyone has at home and it doesn't take long to make !
DONT shoot at people or animals.
( exept your brother, sister, parents, teacher, stupid/annoying people... XD)
you can use it at home, at school, at work,...

Step 1: This Is What You Will Need:

Picture of This Is What You Will Need:

- a cutter
- a Bic pen (m10)
- a pushpin
- tape
- some BB's

Step 2:

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Cut off the front part

Step 3:

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it should look like this:

Step 4:

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pull the pen apart:
- you need the left side
- you don't need the right side

Step 5:

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cut a piece from the pen like this

Step 6:

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Make this from the pushpin and a part of the pen

Step 7:

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Now you have 3 parts, put them together.
First the spring than the other thing. (it rhymes)

Step 8:

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cut a thin strip of tape and wrap it around the pen

And you are done !!
Have Fun !

Step 9: Here You Can See How to Use It


Michaelgoode (author)2010-09-11

Best one i have seen, great job! :D

anres321 (author)Michaelgoode2010-09-11

thanks, do you play modern warfare 2 ?

I DO!!!!!!!!!

haha now i play black ops :D

do you play black ops zombies?

yes sometimes :D

wanna be freinds on xbox live?

Can I be freinds with you on xbox live?

ChrisK2164 (author)kidkid1082016-03-19


sure my gamertag iz Ironboundtuna8


Im Sory I play on ps3 :D


oh =(

hkortus (author)2013-06-02

That is so cool I love it!

skaterboy11 (author)2012-03-11

i rated yours 5 star

anres321 (author)skaterboy112012-03-12

thanks bro !! :p

skaterboy11 (author)2012-03-11

this is beast!

busterbuster18724 (author)2011-12-12


skaterboy11 (author)2011-11-25

what other pen can you use?

anres321 (author)skaterboy112011-11-26

idk, just search between all your pens and pint one that is good for this :p

skaterboy11 (author)2011-11-23

where can you buy an m10 pen. please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anres321 (author)skaterboy112011-11-24

I don't know man,, I live in belgium and they sell it in every store were they have pens :p but you can also make it with another pen

quips11013 (author)2011-07-21


jumpingcat (author)2011-07-21

at school

anres321 (author)jumpingcat2011-07-21

haha :p you wish...

jumpingcat (author)2011-07-20

oops i got in trouble noooooo!!!!

anres321 (author)jumpingcat2011-07-21

where ? :p maybe I can help...

shorts5555 (author)2011-05-31

Mine shot about 2 inches, what did I do wrong... I think its the spring

ThaAWESOMEducttapeguy (author)2011-05-10

HaHa this is awesome lol

Thanx :D

mahmel (author)2011-02-10

Hey, ik zag dat je in België leeft.. maawr, kan je daar bbgun balletjes halen?
sorry, ik leef in Eindhoven ik weet niet of ze bij jullie legaal zijn (bij ons namelijk niet:P)
ohja beste pen-guntot nu toe die ik heb gezien!(y)

anres321 (author)mahmel2011-02-10

ik ben er bijna zeker dat ze die hebben in het amerikaans stockhuis in Lier ik denk dat je daar een zak van 15000 bolletjes voor 10eur kan kopen :D ze hebben er ook loodjesgeweren, alarmwapens, messen en nog veel meer andere spullen van die genre...

mahmel (author)anres3212011-02-11

Aha, bedankt;)

anres321 (author)mahmel2011-02-11

graag gedaan :D ik heb op de site nog een foto gevonder waar eer BBbolletjes opstaan

ebubbula (author)2011-01-08

were do u get that pen?

anres321 (author)ebubbula2011-01-09

I think this is the Bic m10, I live in Belgium and this is the basic pen, everybody has one. but I dont know or they sell it in your country :D

ebubbula (author)anres3212011-01-09

Thanks I don't think they sell it in america but I made it with a different pen it
worked out ok

Revan_Taros (author)2011-01-09

the mechanism looks like the bolt on a H&K MP5... look it up if you don't know what it looks like.

Air_Assassin (author)2010-12-28

Best pen gun evar

anres321 (author)Air_Assassin2010-12-29

thanx :D

Air_Assassin (author)anres3212010-12-29

Your welcome

chicken22 (author)2010-12-14


anres321 (author)chicken222010-12-15

thanks :D

Michaelgoode (author)2010-09-11


Michaelgoode (author)2010-09-09

good, brilliant ace...fantastic

anres321 (author)Michaelgoode2010-09-10

ok thanks XD

Michaelgoode (author)2010-09-08

this is ace!

anres321 (author)Michaelgoode2010-09-09

what do you mean with 'ace' ?

sk8rforlife (author)2010-07-23

this looks really cool i'll have to try it

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