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Introduction: BIC BB Pen Gun Second Edition

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Due to the fact that my previous pen gun was confiscated because it didnt look real at all and i got caught, i had to make a new one with no givaways. You can see it below. Perfectly normal, well, it looks that way. This easy instructable will tell you how to make your own classroom-war-waging device.

Step 1: Materials

Look at the pics.

Step 2: Salvaging Pen Parts

Take apart the clickable pens. You will only need a few of the parts from the clickable pens: 1 black tip, and both springs.

Step 3: Get the Black Tip Ready.

This step will tell you how to prepare the black tip for your pen gun. It's an important part, so do it right.
First, take your drill and 5/32 general purpose bit and enlargen the tip of the black tip by drilling in through the back, like the main pic. Second, you have to file(dremel is easier) down the little edges that stick out around the middle that would keep the tip from going into the pen tubeand file those down, alond with the area that actuall should go into the tube, so that the black tip can be pushed in completely into the tube. Note: Make sure you file or dremel it down enough so it can be pushed in but it should be big enough to keep itself in, in other words, dont let it slide out. you also dont want it to be hard hard to get in. Test for this often while filing or dremeling. The final thing should look like the second picture.

Step 4: Get Normal Pen Ready.

This step will prepare your other pen to be made into the gun. First, pull on the tip of the pen, and the ink should come out. Using the coathanger wire, push out the end cap on the other side of the pen. Throw the little piece you just pushed out of the tube away.too get the ink ready, dribble super glue down the space between the ink tub and the inside of the tip. The pic shows it well.Wait for it to dry completely.

Step 5: Make the Shooting Mechanisem

This step will tell you how to make the shooting mechanism. First, slide the black pen tip point first onto the ink tube of the normal pen. Then, slide both spring on after it. It should look like the main picture. After everything is comfortable in place, cut off the ink tube about a half inch above the top spring. After you have thrown out the little piece, crimp the half inch bare end of the ink tube with the needlenose pliers. Ink will come out the open end, so be ready with a tissue to clean it up. keep it squeezed hard enough to make the tube widen, keeping the springs from coming off the tube. The final thing should look like the third picture.

Step 6: Putting It All Together

This step will tell you how to pull it all together. This step is the trickiest. First, put a tiny ring of superglue aroun the non-pointy end of the black tip on the firing mechanism. Before the glue dries, quickly push the firing mecanism into the front of the pen tube, springs first, pushing by the writing tip. Once it is completely in, pull on the writing tip a bit so it comes out until you see ink cartidge, then hold it there until you think the super glue has dried. You shuld feel the springs resist, if the black tip comes with when you pull on the writing tip, you filed it too much. When the glue has dried, it should look like a normal pen.

Step 7: Your Finished!

Congradulations! You now have a totally secret pen weapon. Stick an airsoft pellet in the end, pull on the tip, and whatch it fly! Once you've done that, get started on your homework with it.



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    can i use hot glue

    my 2 pens both of them work as pens (white one is the pen gun the blue one is my bb holder)

    1 reply

    post them.

    Sorry I mean oes the ink cartridge come out?

    I might make this but does the end come out when you shoot it?

    Great consealed weapon now go rob a bank Lol jk or you could be an agent (jk too)

    made one with 5 or 6 springs. worked perfectly until it exploded and the ink cartridge shot of the pen and hit the ceiling while i was writing with it. good thing i wasnt in school when it happened

    2 replies

    i did the same thing but i used a zebra gel pen and when i touched the tip to the table all the innards shot out the back where the clicker is the ink cartrage is still in the roof of my algebra as of yesterday :p

    i have a new way to build it so you only have to have one pen instead of the one stick on the inside my hurts like crap with 4 springs

    it would probably work better to melt the end of the ink part until its big enough, wouldnt it? it seems like the way you did it would wear down eventually.

    2 replies

    a small screw is better... and you can stick on more springs that way...

    Thanx, that did the trick. Until now it didn't work that well.

    these pic mite be the best iv seen

    i made 1 o these and shot it a couple times and tha thing jest flew apart in my hand...

    i know what you mean by this but it would be easier if you could post more pics.

    you could use sandpaper to file the tip down too.

     some more pics would be nice.

    I love this pen shooter thingy! I love shooting my classmates randomly and they don't even notice.

    this is really good, i like it. but could you plz post another pic of the clotheshanger wire puncturing process? im confused. thx