BIC Click Stick BB Pen Gun





Introduction: BIC Click Stick BB Pen Gun

This instructible willl show you how to make a couple of pens into a bb shooting gun. Do not shoot at someones face because i have learned that it hurts. This is my first instructible so everything is very exact. Any comments are helpful.

Step 1: Materials

look at pictures

Step 2: Take Apart Pens

title says it all

Step 3: Making the Barrel/tube

Using a saw, cut about 1/2 inch(1.25cm) off the end of the tube. Throw that 1/2 inch away. Then use the drill and bit to enlargen the hole where the pen tip went through, as shown below. Put the black tip in the end you just cut of from the tube, normal way in. To melt the two together to make it a solid piece, use the woodburning iron in the crack between the two pieces to melt them together. The smoke is harmful if you inhale a lot, so try not to inhale any.

Step 4: Making the Spring Mechanism

To make the spring mechanism, pull out the metal tip from the ink cartridge, and try to get out as much ink as possible. This makes a mess! Then find the little edges that stick out from the sides of the cartidge, about a fourth of the length from where the tip was. Cut off the chunk the the other picture shows below, just after the edges. Then slide the springs over the end that isn't blocked by edges. You should have what is shown below.

Step 5: Putting It Together

Take the spring mechanism and put it into the wide end of the barrel/tube, bare end first, so that it sticks out like the pic below. If the bare end doesn't come out of the black tip, take a screwdriver and poke the edged end until it does. After you do that, make a thin strip of electrical tape and wrap it around the bare end, as shown in the other picture.

Step 6: Loading and Firing

Point the gun up and put a bb in the large hole. Then with the gun pointing slightly upwards, pull on the band of electrical tape all the way back and quickly let go of it. This gun doesnt shoot too far, so its good for classrooms. Any comments are appreciated. Have fun, and don't get in trouble.



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    Nice!! I have one of these but it uses a cap for the propellant and a little firing pin. Although it wouldn't really work for a classroom airsoft pen fight due to the slow reload, let alone the smoke and loud pop! lol

    I just got in trouble today and it got confiscated, so be careful.

     lol ive made one of these... pretty cool

    In step two, the picture is very hard to see. You should change the background. Other than that, nice. How fast does it shoot?

    i have no idea how fas it shoots but its not that fast

    Instead of power tools it is possible to heat a nail or coat hanger size wire to melt a hole in the plastic.Has anyone tried 2 springs? Or crimping the external part of the ink tube instead of the tape (to prevent ink tube launch)?

    You could try expanding the hole with scissors or a knife.

    lol i have that same drill too!!!!!!!!!!

    i love this. and ur right, it does kinda hurt when u get shot in the face. me and my friend had a war with these

    my dad has a drill like that