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Introduction: BIG Rubber Band Ball

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This is an instructable of how to make a big elastic band ball.

Step 1: What You Need

All you need is some Aluminium foil and some rubber bands (or elastic bands- your preference)

Step 2: Step 1:

Grab a sheet of Al Foil and roll it into a ball about 2 or 3 cm's diameter (distance across the centre)
It doesn't matter if it is a bit deformed, that straightens out.

Step 3: Step 2:

Start to wrap your ball in rubber bands by stretching them around. At the start I normally need to double mine over. It will take a bit of time but eventually you can do it without looking so can watch tv while doing it. Keep goind until it is your desired size. This image has about 5 bands on it.

Step 4: Step 3:

When you are done it can be kept on your desk, bounced, rolled or anything you want to do with it. The largest ball ever was about 910.8 KG (2,008 Pounds) and made by a person called John Bain. My friend made one the size of a small netball. So enjoy your rubbery goodness.

(P.S. it is not tin foil as it is made of aluminium)



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    that is cheating you are supposed to do it with out a ball in the middle.P.s if you like it that way you can keep it :)

    i just started my rubber band ball yesterday and its about an inch in diameter. it has a rubber core, but I find that if you use a different material for the core it tends to bounce higher....

    not to ruin this instructable,but if u want to bounce high but it is too hard to use pure rubber band use a corner of a piece of paper and start out with braces rubber bands and work ur way up.DO NOT MAKE PAPER WOD TO BIG!

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    Thats basically what the instructable is. Instead of using a pure rubber core, you use another substance. I said you could use small bands initially around the aluminium foil Wad, but I guess paper would do just as well.

    lol i used a wad of rubberbands only one though, and my one bounces extreme high and only 1"

    for mine, I just took a band and tied quite a few knots in it, like you said about the foil, it works itself out later and becomes a sphere.

    actually,smll(tiny) piece of foil would work good

    newest largest rubberband ball is 9,032 pounds it on ebay 100k look it up

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    id love to buy and make bigger and take credit and be in geuniss,that would be cheap though...

    its harder at the beginning than later on...
    would've never thought of using a core of a different material =D
    but i would prefer a rubber band core anyways

    me and my friend have a 40 pound one

    moving bandsCheck out these large rubber bands. Otherwise known as moving bands. They have these up to 44" long before being stretched.

    if u started off with foil or something like that ur cheating. i started off with rolling up elastic bands and mine is about 3 n a half tennis balls next to each other n it weighs 2.1 kilos its really easy but u need alot of patience.

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    mine is pure rubber no foil and it wiehgs in at half a stone (3.17 kg) and it bounces quite nicly and i can play basket ball with it but i wudnt want to try catch it

    hey im new to this site but ive been making a rubber band ball for a few weeks now and its already about the size of a basketball and its all with ONE elastic band that my dad brought home from work for free. its all rubber and seein as i have a reasonalbly sized box filled with ONE elastic band (well not so much a band but more a ribbon) ive hardly scratched the surface and ive got a hell of alot more to go thruogh so by the end of it i think it might swamp a basket ball and probebly weigh more than 10 kgs heres an image of my progress so far

    the leggy band ball.jpgThe leggy box n ball.jpgThe 1 leggy band.jpg
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    Wow, that really is an excellently long rubber band :) . What line of work is your dad in that he can get one of those? I know people who work in the post office who get the 12cm ones for free... Nothing even close to that though! Great effort.

    he works in a wherehouse and it was meant to have bin sent to this factory but they had 1 left over and my dad just took it like wen they used to have buckets of sweets he used top bring home the left overs


    try useing a bouncy ball as the the core

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    i used a bouncy ball as the core of mine. it is 15 cm/ 5 in across and weighs 5 pounds