Very difficult to use an IKEA pencil when your hand is bigger than normal. This instructable present an idea of having a normal size pencil made by two free IKEA pencils.

Step 1:


2 pencils

1 stapler

Step 2:

put the two pencils in raw and "hit" them with the stapler.
turn over the two connected little pencils and enforce the connecton with one more hit!

Step 3:

Big free IKEA pencil is ready to use.

P.S.you can use longer than usual pencils.
i dont know why people think its cool to take all the pencils, they useally end up wasting them or even trowing them away. just buy one good pencil for yourself, they last for so much longer than those ikea pencils (you cant even sharpen them properly without destroying them)
My favorite use for Ikea pencils is as hair sticks. Long enough to work, short enough that they don't stick out.
my wife everytime we visit IKEA store takes boxes of these short pencils. Are good, are ok for any purpose and are FREE!!! but are so small!!! Usually I put them in a straw to enlarge them....
They make them small to discourage people from nicking them... way to "stick it" to IKEA! L
That's never stopped me from taking the whole thing...:D
Respect! L
Damn the Man... and his small pencils!<br />

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