BIKE CHARRIOT Mark I. Aka Bike Pooling Device.





Introduction: BIKE CHARRIOT Mark I. Aka Bike Pooling Device.

About: What should I say...? I need more Tools !!

Bicycling Commuting is a growing trend but some times the twist between car to bike its not as easy as you thought. Some hurdles pop out in the process,For instance. when my lovely wife just cant ride bike for fear or some other issues, well I had to ride with the company of my kids and wife stays home with my toddler boy.Missing all the fun we could spend together.When shopping I had to carry heavy bags and that tottally pissed me off.. That´s why I decided to sort some kind of solution to this struggle.

After all it's time to use a lot of "junk" In my Backyard.

Step 1: Cleaning My Backyard.

Organizing my backyard I found some old bicycles parts that I refused to throw away. Instead I used to make a trailer. That´s when all this crazy adventure began.

Granny's Bike.

Two 16" bike wheels.

Iron angle profile.

Welding machine.

Plastic container.

Bicycle Handlebars.

Strong zip Ties.

Steel Barend.


Step 2: Making the Charriot / Trailer.

I used two steel bike wheels of 16 " attached to a central axis made of a steel pipe in each point is attached the skewer / axle of each wheel. Then this central base is welded to a frame , I used a frame from a small door.whuch had a steel web strongly enough to support weight. Then I welded a steel pipe where is the handlebars.Then I welded an horizontal pipe attached to the hitch that connects the trailer with the bike.

Once the trailer was finished , I saw the oppurtunity of install a plastic cage / basket , that used the space between the trailer and the bike.


I passed a lot of sleepless nights guessing how in the name of the lord I´ll attach my trailer to my Grannys Bike. Finnally I found a strong steel Barend from my former Mountain bicycle. I cutted with a hacksaw where begins to bend, I put the longest part of the pipe inside a bigger steel pipe and then in the horizonntal trailer pipe. I holed through the three steel pipes, and attached qith a strong Bolt.

Step 4: Aftermath.

Joy, laughs, and no more gym bills. The first days some people laugh, others support my crazy idea with "Bravos" and hoorays. I used it every day from morning to night. To do the shopping, take my lovely wife to her job, pick my toddler from the kindergarden.Anyway I just to make to my kids a better world to live I hope this become trendy in my community.I hope you liked it. Let me know how do you like it or not please comment.



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    I really like your design here! Everything, the hitch, the charriot, and the basket looks well placed and looks like everything works well together. As long as you have good and both brakes, and I mean good, you wouldn't have problems stopping when the thing is loaded.

    One thing you may want to incorporate is a safety cable on the hitch. For peace of mind and a simple safety precaution.

    (From what I can see on the pics above, the brakes don't look that hot. I hope they are both at least working.)

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    Done and attached to a Mountain Bike with way better brakes, Shifts and suspention. Also I made a stronger hitch.


    Thanks for your concern ! Old brakes are trustfull but here I got to be honest. After a while of using it I noted that the real problem is not the charriot but the bike I´m using it. So I´m working in a hitch for my Mountain bike. I'll try the safety Cable for sure Stay tuned for the upgrades.

    Looks quite good, but I think it's not really save. If you nake an emergency brake, what happens to your passenger? And the rest of the vehicle?

    But nice Prototype. I Think it could become a great vehicle.

    Greeds from Germany

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    I´m agreed this is just a prototype, it needs a lot of improvements.I never exceed the speed and I just ride in the Bike line. I´ve got this prototype for three months riding all days and never has happened something dangerous.Right now I´m working in an improved prototype.Thanks for your feedback.Means a lot.

    What an awesome idea, tempted to make one myself! How does it handle compared to a normal bike, any trouble with corners / hills?

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    Thanks ! Well in corners I have to open a little farther than usual. I´ve tried in hills and its so hard to reach so I prefered to avoid hills and Mountains. Just for small trips. In fact I´m working in a better hitch in order to attach to my Mountain bike.Wait for Upgrades.

    Fair enough to make safe turns. You know, the bolt is a little loose. Maybe a video seeing it in action could clariffy many doubts. Coming soon.

    pretty cool Mr.Sanchez, nice work. i bet it gets pretty difficult to pedal when fully loaded and uphill with a single gear..?! maybe a small electric engine to help out.?

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    Well...I avoid the hills...where I live its in the plains. Besides I take care of not carry so much weight. But youre absolut right Im looking for some electric engine.Thanks for your kind comment.