BIKE LIGHT 500 Lumen "Mt.Bike" for under 10 bucks NOW W/ LED TECHNOLOGY by Veggiecycle

Step 2: I use a MR16 bulb its the kind made for track lighting

Picture of I use a MR16 bulb its the kind made for track lighting
Next I use a MR16 (WITH THE LENS BUILT IN) bulb its the kind made for track lighting. I use 12 volt only and I like a 10, 15, or 20 watt bulb. You can get the 20 watt from HD for 4.95 the lower watts bulbs you need to get online from a lightbulb dot com place or a specialty light bulb store in your area. You will also need a MR16 socket that you get from a specialty place for $2.00 and a Conduit Hanger and 1/4 inch thumb screw to replace the screw that comes on the hanger (to make it easy to adjust or leave the screw on and crank it down and forget about it ) and a nut and bolt to hold it to the Body

Conduit Hanger w/speed thread size #0 3/8-1/2 5pk $1.90 HD
MR16 Bulb 20 watt Aprox $5.00 HD
Thumb Screww 1/4 " 3pk $1.29 HD
Lock nut (nylon insert) #10-24 4pk $1.29 HD
Bolt 1 inch long #10-24 4pk $1.29 HD
MR16 Socket $2.00
Kikkoman564 years ago
Hey great instructable! just letting you know DealExtreme sells MR16 size LED bulbs for similar price! They're not cheapo LED's either, an array of 4 Cree LED's for $7.70 and use more than 1/4 of the wattage =D
dlfynrdr4 years ago
If you added a plastic cover over the lens to make it more or less water resistant, would the extra heat build-up be a problem?
e0richt8 years ago
you said you have to get the MR16 socket from a specialty store... what kind? Electrical? Radio shack? would Home Depot carry it?