this was made a year or two ago. i didn't use the trailer on my bike though, i made a hitch for my friends electric scooter... very useful!
I think this is why they use the 14-inch tires on 'baby' trailers, it because the metal rollerskate wheels provide zero vibration isolation.. For something you need super low to the ground, this would be the trade off.. Though, you could do the same with the larger rubber pneumatic tires, but would lose width, between the tires. I imagine you could find a midpoint, with 'replacement' scooter wheels (the 3-4" dia.) Still, Only for something you don't want to raise far from the ground, and won't be worried about vibration.
In the correct place and time...... OMG, it does fit! SMOOTH!
HEHE Looks like something made by a redneck! Think I will make one.
and can it hold like 100 pounds?
100 pounds
how much did it cost to build?
 Basically the same thing i have on my bike, although mine is made from aluminum. Nice work!
OOh i like
the other day i found photos' of the trailer attached to my friends scooter. amazing what that thing would haul, 2 some years ago, it would haul dirt, wood, me, anything. we hauled 10 some 2x4's, but had to go super slow to keep from crashing

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