The project consists in a Arduino that gets the speed of the bike from a dynamo and it controls a laser which points always to the point where the bike is gonna stop if it continues going at the same speed.

Used Hardware:

Arduino mini Atmega328
Battery pack 4 x 1,5 V

Step 1: 1 Step: Build Up an Mini Arduino Board

Build up an Mini Arduino Board or if you use it an Arduino Uno you can ignore this step.

Hi, <br> <br>I had the chance to pay visit you guys a short vizit on September 22. <br> <br>I'm glad to see it worked out great. <br> <br>Keep up the good work!
cool, do you have a video of this in action? how did you calculate the distance to break?
They calculated the speed of the wheel by reading out the dynamo. If you know the by which rate your speed is decreasing and you know the distance you advance between each pulse. you can easily calculate the distance where the time between the next pulse will be infinite.
This is interesting, <br>Some may over look it being that its on a bike, but I would suggest that its just as useful on a motorcycle / scooter, or even in a car. A simple crash avoidance detector maybe, anyway you are young and seem to have good ideas keep it up! <br>Hankenstien <br>Rduino.com

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