Why Re-Jet, you ask?

It may be necessary to change the size of the jet in your carburetor. Perhaps the weather has changed, the altitude id different, maybe you put on a different exhaust pipe. Things like this can cause your motor to run "lean" or "rich". Then your motor will run like crap, or even seize. That's bad. an easy way to know if your 2-stroke engine is running lean or rich is to take out the spark plug and look at the electrode. If it looks white, you're running lean (not enough fuel). If it's black, your running rich (too much fuel). You might also notice that you're running lean if you give full throttle and the motor seems to not want to respond. If you're rich, the motor will be boggy and make a noise like a sick goose (referred to as 4-stroking). anyways, let's jet your bike.

I'll show you how to do it.

I made it at Techshop. The have a work bay where you can work on your car, motorcycle, moped... whatever! There are 3 of them around the SF Bay Area, so it's pretty convenient. There's others around the country and they have lots of tools and workshops. Wood, Metal, Fabrics, Electronics and more. It's rad.

Check it out here:


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Step 1: What Choo Need

You'll need a big flat head screwdriver, a tiny flat head screwdriver, a 14mm wrench, a rag and some jets.

Step 2: Turn off the fuel...

Picture of Turn off the fuel...
You should have a petcock valve with a fuel line coming off it. Turn that off. I'm not sure which way is off on your bike. If you know, the great. sometimes they don't even shut off because they are all crusty. If you know which way is off, then turn it off and pull off the fuel line. You may want to have a rag ready in case it spills some gas.... If it won't shut off, try jamming a pencil up in the fuel line. That might work?