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This is the first bullpup rifle that I ever built. Its pretty terrible but, whatever it doesn't matter.


Kona-chan (author)2013-11-11

looks a bit like a WA2000 i like it

Knex.X (author)2013-02-05

Build more bullpup!

Vaetheon (author)Knex.X2013-02-05

Maybe after my next project

Knex.X (author)Vaetheon2013-02-06

And that is?

Vaetheon (author)Knex.X2013-02-06

A surprise

RawIceZac (author)2012-11-29

I would say the simple reason why it is terrible is because the bullet is stored behind the block trigger and ram rod is pushing the rod out in a slow release of energy stored in the rubber band as suppose to a quick release where the ram rod releases some of it's energy very quickly and in that process hits the ammunition while travelling through the chamber at speed.

How real bullpup rifles work i will have to find out, and try use it with knex

but it will still be rubbish, i think.

Vaetheon (author)RawIceZac2012-11-29

the ram is behind the the mag dude the trigger isn't in front of the mag

AUG-5OM3 (author)2012-09-27

It reminds me of a SL8. But it is too short for one.

dr. richtofen (author)AUG-5OM32012-09-27

''But it is too short''
That's what she said!
(sorry, kon het niet laten)

AUG-5OM3 (author)dr. richtofen2012-09-27

Lol had ik moeten verwachten.

dr. richtofen (author)AUG-5OM32012-09-27


AUG-5OM3 (author)dr. richtofen2012-09-28


Vaetheon (author)dr. richtofen2012-09-27

you wouldn't be able to resist lol :)

dr. richtofen (author)Vaetheon2012-09-27

Yep :D

kwintisolo12234 (author)2012-09-21

looks cool, but its a shame it doesn't work that good.

Vaetheon (author)kwintisolo122342012-09-21

thanks and yeah

SumRndmGuy (author)2012-09-17

how is it terrible?

Vaetheon (author)SumRndmGuy2012-09-17

it doesn't fire very well

SumRndmGuy (author)Vaetheon2012-09-19

in what sense range, consistency, accuracy, or what?

Vaetheon (author)SumRndmGuy2012-09-19

all three

SumRndmGuy (author)Vaetheon2012-09-20

whats the range?

Vaetheon (author)SumRndmGuy2012-09-20

not sure but i doubt its good

SumRndmGuy (author)Vaetheon2012-09-19

id love if u made an ible on it no matter the circumstances tho, im sure either somebody on the sight or (with much luck) me could mod/fix the "problem"

TheAwesomestDude (author)2012-09-15

Very cool


your welcome

Senior Waffleman (author)2012-09-16

Awesome :D


PotatoCoffee (author)2012-09-16

Awesome! Thanks for posting!

Vaetheon (author)PotatoCoffee2012-09-16

thanks and your welcome

PotatoCoffee (author)Vaetheon2012-09-16

Lol, you're welcome and thanks... This could go on...

Knex.X (author)2012-09-16

Is it a ramrod gun? And does the ram stick out of the gun?

Vaetheon (author)Knex.X2012-09-16

yes it is a ramrod gun and it doesn't stick out the back

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