Picture of BLACK OLIVE PANINI (rolls)
olives bread is in absolute one of my favorite.
this recipe I made had just the right amount of olive to have the tastier brad! it smell of black olives as soon he start to warm up in the oven! and the oil contained in the olives make it rinse really well and come out super soft inside with a cruchy crust
INGREDIENTS: 250g black olives/150 g pitted black olives (use good one, no cans);
                           500 g flour;
                           300/310 ml water;
                           7g dry yeast;
                            salt (olive are already really salty so you need to put only a really small pinch, or don't put it at all;
                            tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil


Picture of CUT OLIVES
pit the olives and cut them in pieces, make a puree with half of them.
Thank you marcellahella, this was a great instructable, I cooked them at 200C, they came out perfectly :-)
marcellahella (author)  tompsonkingsley2 years ago
nice! I m happy someone try them!
SeamusDubh2 years ago
"Step 7: BAKE
bake the "panini" for about 25 minutes. the top should golden."

Ok. At what Temperature?
marcellahella (author)  SeamusDubh2 years ago
sorry, I forget! 200celsius degree, I m going to add it to my instructable, thanks
Those sound good! Do you think it would turn out with different kinds of olives?
marcellahella (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
I think so but I only tried with black olive because they are my favorite.
also between the olives are the ones with the higher percentage of oil, and that is what make the bread so good