BLDC Motor Control with Arduino, salvaged HD motor, and Hall Sensors

Step 6: Hall Sensor Circuits

Picture of Hall Sensor Circuits
Now that you have the Hall sensors properly mounted on the motor, connect each of them with the circuit shown below and test them out with a DMM or oscilloscope to ensure that the output goes high and low as the motor is rotated. I run these sensors at 5V, using the 5V output of the Arduino.
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chuvso3 years ago
How can I check operation of Hall sensor?
Can I check it by Sanwa Analog Multitester ?
dlginstructables (author)  chuvso2 months ago

You can check it with a DMM or a scope. Put any magnet near it and it should change the output from 0V to your source voltage. The best way is to put the magnet ring that will be used next to the senor and rotate it. You should see a square wave.