YES!!! So glad to be back on this page witting this to you guys. Here is my Costume that I made for this years Halloween Hope you guys enjoy this took me many nights and days to complete. Must say im very excited in the detail that I accomplished on this cosplay. If your feeling sick from all the candy call the DOCTOR!!!!

Step 1: Head Piece!!!

So As you can see I saved the hassle of having like 18 steps on this project by stitching the images together for your pleasure. The first image to the left is my backbone to the whole mask. I started my buying a cheap plastic mask. the ones everyone puts on an get a laugh out of an put back o the shelf lol. Ok back to the mask, attached to the plastic mask is a paper towel role with a wired clothes hanger through it to make the long horns, two cardboard nub horns and a added forehead piece, and sideburn armor. Everything is taped to hold it in place. the next image (top right) is the back bone covered in Great Stuff It is a spray insulation foam from the hardware store. Once i covered the mask with foam i let dry for a hole day. once it was dry i started to carve the foam to take shape of the face and horns. once i was was done the carving I painted the make with spray paint and acrylics...
I thought I might upload my take on your Witch Doctor Instructable, I didn't have the patience you had with regard to the carving, however I think I made up with the paint scheme &amp; decorations etc. <br> <br>Hope you enjoy.
Many thanks to instructables and all the sponsors for the contest, I had a blast!
Excellent work, I love this! How long did it take you total would you say, including acquiring the materials? How much experience have you had doing this kind of work before this project?
Thanks I appreciate that. Well I really rushed this costume it was 2 weeks before Halloween. So I would say almost 40 hours with the materials an all. I spent about 60 bucks on the whole thing. An no experience my first costume like this.
Oh man, I love this! Amazing work
Thanks for adding to the legitimacy of this practice. I've been doing this for years. It's amazing the valuable things people throw out
Thank you for this fantastic idea.
your very welcome <br>
Awesome stuff
Amazing work! Where did you find bamboo like that?
thanks yall for the comments. And yes the bamboo is beautiful it grows wild here in louisiana, im sure they planted it and now its just taking over the stuff grows by the second
wow, very very scary. What a notion, to just carve into Great Stuff. I will try that sometime.
Looks amazing! I love the idea of carving the insulation foam, and the way you made the bones is really neat.
WOW. Amazing. Great idea with the insulation foam from the hardware store. I wouldn't have thought of that - it works well!
thanks grease tattoo for the feedback i really appreciate it. I just put the picture i reference it from for you.
Oh, I think you should post a picture of the creature from the game. <br>That way, we can see what you were going for! <br>Love Diablo, by the way! <br>Haven't played the new version, though...
Spray Foam - Man's best friend! <br>GREAT job!
Oh man, I love this! Amazing work

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