Here it is, the block-bowed-crossbow called BLOCKHEAD.
(V6 in the series)

It features a massive punch, while still able to use a true-trigger perfectly.
One can still detach the trigger to be able to fire 4 arrows in a row like the Reaper.

Although I was in a hurry (work after school \o/ ), the pictures should be fine.
Just in case I have a .rar archive included with all the full-sized pictures (2576x1932) in it, if you need to take a better look.


Extremely powerful
Long range
Very accurate
Perfectly working true-trigger
Very sturdy where it needs to be
Easy to mod


Not the fastest loading with trigger (goes faster once you get the hang of it)
The front handle needs improving
Its very heavy (dunno if this is bad =p)

Two video's, showing trigger and damage

Here is the .rar file
Picture .rar archive

Step 1: Building the Handle

Image 1: Build these two sides of the handle.

Image 2: Build the center of the handle.

Image 3: Different perspective; center of handle.

Image 4: Connect the side with the center.

Image 5: Different perspective; center + side.

Image 6: Add the other side to it as well.

Yup that's the handle, wasn't too hard eh?
What better to do with home grown vegetables?
 About how many yellow cons does it use?
In all honesty, about as much as my gun does... this thing dispenses with the need for solid rows by suspending the ammo with the RB's instead of using a track... also less solid-I&nbsp;built my gun to be usable as a hammer with no loss to functionality.<br />
Kinda like this one, as in hammer? =d<br />
Not so much-mine's shorter and doesn't have a bow, and has advantages in those regards-just as powerful, while being more predictable and lighter.<br />
I found a typo! You wrote "Precision Crossbow" Instead of "Precision Hammer"!
okay , i'm done with it and it shoots realy hard !! i give you 5 * ;) <br/>i like the gun realy much and do you have shoot on somebody with it ? XD i shoot it soem time on my friend ... ( with the sr-v1 ) .. bud tanks for it , i have a mod ... the scoop of the vss that is something that you must make !! it can use on every weapon and you can us it to the dragonflY on the top ... so meby you gonna try it .. <br/>
okay :D i gonna make it bud i just have 1 question for i make it XD th trigger .. can that break off .. ? becaus eyou need a lot of tape for it ... why do you need that for ? and on the uhm black/bleu connector from the trigger why do you need there tape for ?
Well it is perfectly fine without tape, but the strain will weaken the connectors after a while until it won't fire anymore, that's why I use tape. If the hinge connectors bend, the blue rod that holds the arrow won't come down far enough.
sorry for the questions !! bud shoot the dragonfly farhter than the sr-v1 ? and if you shoot on the wall break the red connector then ?? :D
It is capable of shooting just as far or further, but that would involve using the flights. And I haven't made a crossbow that didn't break the red connector on impact against a wall. And it doesn't just break it, it makes it explode.
okay , i think that i understand it .. bud i look to the ammo of the dragonflY and the gray conector on the end .. that can dissolve shooting isn't it ? so do you need there tape to ?
Connectors have sides which bend outwards when pieces are joined or taken apart, this cannot happen in the trigger because it is closed in tightly.
what do you mean with notr the strongest ? if i put now more rubberbands than er are ... breake it than off ?
The frame connecting bow and trigger is not very wide, and yes it may snap off.
sorry for that unclear questions bud i would now wich one the best is to make just the best .. :D i would a realy realy powerfull knex gun ( bow XD ) bud i can all your bows / drogonfly gun bow XD make just blockhead not .. so wich one is realy realy powerfull good trigger system not that it suddenly shoot away , and is realy great powerfull and strong ... <br/><br/>and i must say that you are the best bow maker are ever !!! 5* for all you rguns XD and i thins that i speak a littlebit unclear bud i'm dutch you know ;)<br/>
If under extreme force..like most of the time, you should put ductape on the red connector of the arrow. But this trigger type has no chance of firing prematurely. The Reaper is also insanely powerful, just not as advanced in trigger.(The video shows it shooting through wood.) I don't have any problem understanding you as I am Dutch too ;P
is it possible that if you reload it that it suddenly shoot away ? and how far does it shoot in meters ? or feet ?
wich one is the best off all your crossbows ( on this site ) because i like the dragonflY .....
I like the improved trigger on the dragonflY, but it is not the strongest, however slingshot weapons are way more powerful than weapons that use rods and tubes. This however should be the strongest.
allricht :D and i like you ! i post a comment and you anser me 50 minutes later XD how many white and yellow conectors do you need ? because than i gonna make it if i have inouch pieces :D
Problem is..I never counted the pieces, the only way one would know is to count them from the pictures, it should be easy though, as its completely symmetrical.
okay , i gonna make it ;) bud the trigger is not strong ( is that treu ? )
The trigger is one of the sturdiest ever made..to date it has never failed on me. I use it on all sorts of crossbows nowadays.
nice crossbow, but my only prb;em with it is the trigger, i think the trigger is too complicated again... nice crossbow :]
Take a look at the DragonflY, maybe you will understand it then, the trigger should fit perfectly fine.
does it shoot fahrter than 160 feet ? and looks funny 4.5
Well...it could if more rubberbands are added and is made longer..
Ow..I thought this was on my new Ible xd This can easily fire more than 180 feet
I am in the progress of making this. I was thinking about all the fun I could have shooting my neighbors, but a question suddenly formed into my head: What type of rubberbands does this use?
I never selected these on purpose, but these are just standard cheap small thin rubberbands:
WOuld #64s work as well, or can the trigger withstand only so much pressure?
I have a bad experience with bigger rubberbands, because they tend to flip the arrow around, but if you ductaped the trigger, it should be able to hold it I guess..only one way to find out though...try it =/<br/>
Sorry. The link was faulty. Click <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/THE_10_BEST_KNEX_INSTRUCTABLES_OF_2008/">here</a> for THE 10 BEST KNEX INSTRUCTABLE OF 2008. (and the beginning of 2009)<br/>
Congratulations. You have made it on to <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/THE_10_BEST_KNEX_INSTRUCTABLES_OF_2008./">https://www.instructables.com/id/THE_10_BEST_KNEX_INSTRUCTABLES_OF_2008./</a> You have one of the ten best Knex Instructables. Good Job.<br/>
Ooh nice =d<br/><br/>Although all the links to that instructable have a &quot;.&quot; after 2008 and won't work xd<br/>
this thing went throught 2 pices of cardbord then made a hole in my wall. my parents got so mad.
Oops? My room is covered in dents =d<br/>
holy cow.. everytime i try to make a C'bow by myself the bow inst sturdy enuf..<br/>HALP plz..<br/>oh y nice bow 5* sub<br/>
Try making a triangle-like structure in the arms of the bow, and the middle should be very sturdy as well.
yeh.. but I dont wanna make it rlly big cause im working on a Bazooka that shoots splodi-bombs>.
whats up with the carpet
I take pictures and film in my little brothers room because it is larger...if I were use this in my room, it would nearly reach from wall to wall =d<br/>
Man, how come this only has 30 comments?!? It is soo much better than it is seen as!
I have no idea, its even on the front page....maybe I didn't spam it enough =s<br/>Loads of people missing out though, it only has 500 views<br/>
I'll say, this is better than my v5, and probably some of the others.
Well atm we are just messing around with small rail crossbows, although I do have a massive crossbow-bow lying around...just in case o.o'
Does it use any more that 27 blue 3Ds or 30 red connectors or 5 light grey 2 slot connectors. I can't tell if I can build it or not.
It uses 24 blue connectors and no essential light grey 2 slot connectors; those can be substituted. And it uses 16 red connectors.

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