Picture of BLOCKHEAD: Precision Crossbow
100_4643 (Large).JPG
100_4659 (Large).JPG
100_4644 (Large).JPG
Here it is, the block-bowed-crossbow called BLOCKHEAD.
(V6 in the series)

It features a massive punch, while still able to use a true-trigger perfectly.
One can still detach the trigger to be able to fire 4 arrows in a row like the Reaper.

Although I was in a hurry (work after school \o/ ), the pictures should be fine.
Just in case I have a .rar archive included with all the full-sized pictures (2576x1932) in it, if you need to take a better look.


Extremely powerful
Long range
Very accurate
Perfectly working true-trigger
Very sturdy where it needs to be
Easy to mod


Not the fastest loading with trigger (goes faster once you get the hang of it)
The front handle needs improving
Its very heavy (dunno if this is bad =p)

Two video's, showing trigger and damage

Here is the .rar file
Picture .rar archive
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Step 1: Building the handle

Picture of Building the handle
100_4660 (Large).JPG
100_4661 (Large).JPG
100_4664 (Large).JPG
100_4665 (Large).JPG
100_4666 (Large).JPG
Image 1: Build these two sides of the handle.

Image 2: Build the center of the handle.

Image 3: Different perspective; center of handle.

Image 4: Connect the side with the center.

Image 5: Different perspective; center + side.

Image 6: Add the other side to it as well.

Yup that's the handle, wasn't too hard eh?

Step 2: Building the trigger

Picture of Building the trigger
100_4671 (Large).JPG
100_4672 (Large).JPG
100_4673 (Large).JPG
100_4676 (Large).JPG
100_4675 (Large).JPG
100_4680 (Large).JPG
100_4681 (Large).JPG
100_4682 (Large).JPG
100_4683 (Large).JPG
100_4685 (Large).JPG
100_4691 (Large).JPG
100_4688 (Large).JPG
100_4689 (Large).JPG
100_4690 (Large).JPG
100_4692 (Large).JPG
100_4693 (Large).JPG
100_4686 (Large).JPG
100_4687 (Large).JPG
100_4694 (Large).JPG
100_4695 (Large).JPG
100_4696 (Large).JPG
100_4697 (Large).JPG
100_4698 (Large).JPG
Image 1: Build this part

Image 2: Build the other side

Image 3: Other viewpoint of Image 2

Image 4: Other viewpoint of Image 2

Image 5: Attach both sides to each other

Image 6: Build these parts

Image 7: Add them to the construction

Image 8: Build these two parts

Image 9: Build this thingy

Image 10: Add the thingy and connect the two sides

Image 11: Build this

Image 12: Add it to the part of image 10

Image 13: Build these

Image 14: Add the new parts

Image 15: Add the two sides from image 13 together

Image 16: Add spacers and 3 gray connectors

Image 17: Add it to the rest of the trigger

Image 18: Build this part

Image 19: Same part different view image 18

Image 20: Add it as shown

Image 21: Connect shown pieces together

Image 22: Build decal wings

Image 23: Add like so

Image 24: Same as image 23

Phew that's a long step, but now you're done with the trigger =D
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Mace!2 years ago
What better to do with home grown vegetables?
Cucumber meets crossbow.jpg
~Z~5 years ago
 About how many yellow cons does it use?
In all honesty, about as much as my gun does... this thing dispenses with the need for solid rows by suspending the ammo with the RB's instead of using a track... also less solid-I built my gun to be usable as a hammer with no loss to functionality.
Wicky (author)  mettaurlover5 years ago
Kinda like this one, as in hammer? =d
Foto0116 (Large).jpg
Not so much-mine's shorter and doesn't have a bow, and has advantages in those regards-just as powerful, while being more predictable and lighter.
nball1996 years ago
I think that the gun looks quite cool, but my only problem is the small ammo. Doesn't look like i can get very much damage out of it.
Wicky (author)  nball1996 years ago
You'd be suprised, all that power concentrated on a little arrow...
(removed by author or community request)
Wicky (author)  DELETED_Gilrostwo5 years ago
Well I am sure it would require a lot of ductape, but it wouldn't be that hard at all; after all the first cannon was based off the Reaper. The most damage I have ever seen with any k'nex weapon in one shot would be this(impact from the Decimator on plastic radio):
100_4777 (Large).JPG100_4778 (Large).JPG100_4775 (Large).JPG
 can you link the wep in the last pic?

Wicky (author)  smattman225 years ago
I never posted that weapon, I only made a forum topic about it:

We are moving right now, so I don't have any k'nex at hand =/
 aww :*(  im sorry about the no knex thing :(
(removed by author or community request)
Wicky (author)  DELETED_Gilrostwo5 years ago
I think metal knex pieces would be great, although it would be impossible to use the connectors xd Carbon fiber would at least take the problem of vaporizing connectors out when hitting walls.
Why would it be impossible to use metal connectors??
Wicky (author)  Killer~SafeCracker5 years ago
Because if you insert a rod in a connector it slightly bends to fit the rod in, using metal this would be quite hard =d
what about a meatal rod flatend at one end and the other for the tip drill a hole in it
True, I forgot about that.
(removed by author or community request)
Wicky (author)  DELETED_Gilrostwo5 years ago
I wonder if carbon fiber is too light though, as the current problem is that the arrow is too light. But if I would ever see those on eBay I would surely buy them =d
yofatmama456 years ago
this thing went throught 2 pices of cardbord then made a hole in my wall. my parents got so mad.
Wicky (author)  yofatmama456 years ago
Oops? My room is covered in dents =d
(removed by author or community request)
 I second that
(removed by author or community request)
I did but when i painted it i patched them
~Z~5 years ago
I found a typo! You wrote "Precision Crossbow" Instead of "Precision Hammer"!
Master_Zane6 years ago
How the the trigger work?
How *does* the trigger work?
Wicky (author)  Master_Zane6 years ago
When you pull back the red connectors on the trigger, the blue clips attached to it lifts up the orange connector, which pulls down the hinge on the back and pulls down the blue rod; releasing the arrow. Took me quite a while to build lol.
100_4695 (Large).JPG
(removed by author or community request)
Wicky (author)  DELETED_Gilrostwo5 years ago
I am sure I did, it was used on the Reaper; IaC's cannon was built after that.
(removed by author or community request)
It has the same principal though.
razzlekunai6 years ago
I am in the progress of making this. I was thinking about all the fun I could have shooting my neighbors, but a question suddenly formed into my head: What type of rubberbands does this use?
Wicky (author)  razzlekunai6 years ago
I never selected these on purpose, but these are just standard cheap small thin rubberbands:
Picture 052.jpg
WOuld #64s work as well, or can the trigger withstand only so much pressure?
Wicky (author)  razzlekunai6 years ago
I have a bad experience with bigger rubberbands, because they tend to flip the arrow around, but if you ductaped the trigger, it should be able to hold it I guess..only one way to find out though...try it =/
(removed by author or community request)
Wicky (author)  DELETED_Gilrostwo5 years ago
Ow =/
Glad you're not hurt though, although it could've been worse; a friend of mine got hit on the knuckle by a red connector...propelled with 20 #64's .. ductaping arrows is essential when playing with massive power O.o'
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