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For those who remember Blondie in their hey-day, many will also remember the Man-from-Mars flashing red eyes behind RayBan sunglasses in the "Rapture" music clip.

Below are two shots lifted from the clip on youtube, one of the "Man from Mars" and the other Clem Bourke, the drummer. I have highlighted the flashing eyes (and intend to replace these shots with full-res shots taken from my own DVD when I get back home).


For the Sydney concert on Thursday 2012-12-06, I decided (at the last minute) to make my own version of the glasses that would attract attention during the song "Rapture".

For something just to look weird walking down the street, two high-bright leds operated by a hidden flashing led would suffice, but when one wants to be seen against the intensity of stage lighting something stronger would be required. I also decided on Green instead of Red, because:

1. The brightest green LEDs I could get were 64.4 Candle;
2. The brightest red LEDs I could get were only abut 24 Candle;
3. Even at equal brightness, the Green will cut through whereas the Red would be lost.

This instructable has many photos and "micro" steps as I was still learning to use the new camera intended for the concert (I got 144 photos!). I will also discuss other options that were considered along the way.
dude you look like jack black!
Treknology (author)  liquidhandwash2 years ago
You're not the first person to suggest the similarity.
samc123452 years ago
Kiteman2 years ago
Looking good - how well could you see out of them?
Treknology (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Because they were arranged by line-of-sight direct vision was impaired but, peripheral vision was excellent. I still wouldn't try waving down a bus...