Introduction: BLOW DART PIPE / GUN WITH NEEDLE END (cotton Bud, Needle, Pen)

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working blow dart pipe with cotton bud needle and pen

Step 1: Things You Need

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you will need clothes pins (ones with little head on) cotton buds and a biro/pen

Step 2:

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take the end off one side of the cotton bud and place the clothes needles in the end (up to you how much needle you want to stick out)

Step 3:

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squash either side of the cotton bud where the pin head is so pin cannot come in or out

Step 4:

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undo your pen/biro then snip one end off if needs be leaving a pipe (note you can use any pipe length doesn't have to be a pen) the longer the pipe the further it will go.

Step 5:

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place the cotton bud with pin in one end of the tube aim where you want then blow.

Step 6:

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it will stick in most surfaces no problem if you blow hard enough. be careful with it as they can be dangerous I take no responsibility for injuries caused


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