Introduction: B.L.R.

This is my Breach Loading Rifle. It uses a new way to load rounds into the magazine through the breach. It can hold five bullets. It gets about 60 feet of range. Please rate, comment, and SUBSCRIBE. You know you want to!! It only takes a second to hit the button!!



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    It looks like a mp5

    Thanks! Sorry for the late reply BTW.

    I think if you adjust your cameras aperture than you should be able to get the front and back sights in focus at the same time. I can't remember if it should be high or low but I'm pretty sure aperture is the setting that controls how much is in focus. Cool gun, I like the looks and the way that the shaft of the stock and the pin gun is made- that part of it is very sleek.

    What does aperture mean? Thanks! Did you mean pin guide ?

    It's a setting found under custom settings on your camera, most cameras have it. Yes, I meant pin guide not gun, lol.

    Ok, next time I'll try to put it on that setting when I take a picture. Are you building something other than the SA 3252?

    Nope, just the 3252, Sharir might be posting a version of it sometime, and I might post something too. It's much more compact than it used to be, Sharir's is only 5 layers. And it can get half decent range now.

    I have been working on an instructable for the Z3 though.

    What's the range you can get with the latest version of the 3252? Has Sharir1701 really left? I could probably build the Z3, because I have about 700 yellow connectors, and around 1,500 green rods, but I probably wouldn't have enough 3D connectors or blue clips ( for the trigger mech ).

    I think Sharir can probably get 20 feet with his but I haven't heard from him yet. Oh wow, I didn't know he was leaving, that's big news to me because I've been working with him on the SA 3252 for the past 6 months.

    His name is now "sharir1701 has quit knexing and ibling". He also posted a forum topic of that he is selling his K'nex.