Introduction: B.L.R.

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This is my Breach Loading Rifle. It uses a new way to load rounds into the magazine through the breach. It can hold five bullets. It gets about 60 feet of range. Please rate, comment, and SUBSCRIBE. You know you want to!! It only takes a second to hit the button!!



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    It looks like a mp5

    Thanks! Sorry for the late reply BTW.

    I think if you adjust your cameras aperture than you should be able to get the front and back sights in focus at the same time. I can't remember if it should be high or low but I'm pretty sure aperture is the setting that controls how much is in focus. Cool gun, I like the looks and the way that the shaft of the stock and the pin gun is made- that part of it is very sleek.

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    What does aperture mean? Thanks! Did you mean pin guide ?

    It's a setting found under custom settings on your camera, most cameras have it. Yes, I meant pin guide not gun, lol.

    Ok, next time I'll try to put it on that setting when I take a picture. Are you building something other than the SA 3252?

    Nope, just the 3252, Sharir might be posting a version of it sometime, and I might post something too. It's much more compact than it used to be, Sharir's is only 5 layers. And it can get half decent range now.

    I have been working on an instructable for the Z3 though.

    What's the range you can get with the latest version of the 3252? Has Sharir1701 really left? I could probably build the Z3, because I have about 700 yellow connectors, and around 1,500 green rods, but I probably wouldn't have enough 3D connectors or blue clips ( for the trigger mech ).

    I think Sharir can probably get 20 feet with his but I haven't heard from him yet. Oh wow, I didn't know he was leaving, that's big news to me because I've been working with him on the SA 3252 for the past 6 months.

    His name is now "sharir1701 has quit knexing and ibling". He also posted a forum topic of that he is selling his K'nex.

    yeah... i came back. not much time away, i know, but the summer vacation here, i suddenly have a lot of time i don't know what to do with, so i decided to keep building. i'm not sure yet about next year, but i'm still building for now. i realize that changing my name was a bit hasty and not thoroughly thought through, but it's done and i can't change that for now. anyway, i took down that forum. i also built 3 AWESOME guns recently (TDAC, S1, S2)... you should check them out if you haven't already. about my version of the 3252, i've taken it apart because i thought i was quitting. i regret that now, but i'm sure i can rebuild it (i just might), and i didn't feel too bad about taking it apart because it's a simple design that i could rebuild and because of the long video i made and uploaded (privately, to show oblivitus) of it, from which pretty much anyone can build it. on a similar note, my 3252 got about 20-25 feet, like oblivitus said, and it was in fact mostly 5 layered (some of it was 7 layers, but all with blue rods, similar to what i did in my SABR and my M17s on the trigger-mag area, but bigger, though there was one single yellow rod that was necessary). it was a major breakthrough in the development of the 3252 mechanism, and it could get up to 40-50 feet with better bands. i have REALLY crappy bands (relatively for the 3252), and therefor i am limited to only 25 feet, but if i recreate it i might try to find some better bands, or at least tie a few of mine together. if i recreate it i will definitely be posting it, anyway.

    P.S. sorry for the long comment... i'm a yapper... both in videos and in comments. lol

    I'm glad you decided not to leave. I saw the 3 AWESOME guns (I totally agree with you that they are awesome). I saw the video for your S2. I also saw the 5 minute video that showed the TDAC, S1, and your ZKAR, but I wasn't able to watch the really long videos. It's not that I don't have the patience to watch the videos, it's just that I have a really slow internet connection. Doesn't the 3252 use rotating firing pin? Don't you have to wind it up a few times, and then get to shoot it a few times semi automatically? I hope you do post the 3252. Are you working on anything else?

    thanks man, that mean a lot. you should totally build the S2. it's my smallest gun ever (piece-wise) and it's my strongest gun ever. could you believe that? it's slightly stronger with 2 bands than a three bands zkar. it's efficiency and energy transfer are just perfect. lol i know, i can't help it that i make long videos. i have so much to say... yes, that is how the 3252 concept works. i'm not gonna remake it for sure this week or next. i can't promise anything for the future, but i can promise it won't be done soon. to complete my explanation and to answer your next question, yes, i am working on two things actually. the first (which i am currently taking a break from because i encountered some problems and think to start fresh sometime) is a quad bolt action semi auto smg. what the f*ck is that you ask? good question. it is a gun that, much like oblivitus' Z3 has a few pins horizontally aligned and shoots semi automatically with an alternating trigger. my idea was to have 4 pins (one more than his, though still in an 11 layered gun) aligned horizontally, and to have 4 magazines and bolt pins aligned horizontally, and have one bolt to load everything, and then you shoot 4 semi auto guns semi automatically. so basically a smaller, stronger, 1 more pin Z3. i hope you understood that. the second thing which i am currently invested in, though i think i'm gonna swap mid-way back to my quad bol-action... is a completely new type of gun. the explanation is pretty long, so let me refer you to kinetic's slingshotgun, where i had a thorough conversation with him about my concept. i can tell you (you should read it first to understand better) that right now i have the pin carrier with 6 pins, and the rails to hold it in are done, the catch for the block triggers is very good, and the magazine is my SSM. also, the whole gun is pretty much finished design-wise, but i suspect the trigger isn't going to be good enough. i might need some help from kinetic (or anyone else that would like to help) in designing a better trigger. after testing it i have less confidence in the concept now, but i want to keep working on it, either now or some other time.

    No problem. =D I think I will build the S2 sometime. I might add a stock and a compound bow to make it even more powerful. Can all the broken pieces be replaced by normal pieces? The quad bolt action smg sounds cool. It would be really powerful and would have a really high rate of fire. I have one suggestion for the trigger. On the Z3 the trigger is just a wheel. It would be nice to have a normal trigger. You could use something similar to Kinetic's K3 lever action mech. The lever could be shortened to be the length of a trigger. If you see the video showing how the K3's mech works, then you can see that the lever turns the cog. If this was put onto your gun, then you could have a real trigger instead of just a cog. About your second gun you were talking about; I don't really understand how the gun works. I read your conversation with Kinetic, but I still don't understand. If you can show me a few pictures of both of your guns then it would be greatly appreciated. Speaking of bolt actions; I have a bolt action rifle that uses a totally new kind of bolt action. It doesn't use a bolt pin to push a bullet into the chamber. It uses a system that is sort of like a real bolt action system (by that, I mean it uses a bolt sort of like a real gun). The bolt pushes the bullet straight into a separate chamber; it doesn't use any complex ramps. The bolt pushes the bullet into the chamber, and then the firing pin, which goes through the middle of the bolt, hits the bullet. I hope you understand what I mean. I am going to post the gun soon. The gun works flawlessly, and now I may try to put a compound bow on it for more power. The gun can already shoot over 100 feet, but sometimes the range is inconsistent. It breaks rubber bands often, because the bands rub on a certain piece, and it wears the bands until they break. The bow will keep the rubber bands from rubbing on the piece.

    P.S. Sorry if I took up all of your time because you were reading this full length book report. =D

    great! good luck with the stock and bow. yes, all the brokens can be replaced. btw, if you (refer to the 'ible) remove the trigger guard, and make the bottom of the handle a 2-way connector instead of a 3-way, you can save 4 hinges, and most importantly replace the broken blue connector with normal 5-way connectors. i just like trigger guards... also, even though i think the bolt pin can be replaced wtih a green rod and a blue clip, i haven't tried that, and would advise you to just cut that one rod. about the trigger, i know exactly what you mean. every alternating trigger has that wheel trigger. i talked with oblivitus about it a few times. i have an idea how to make a true trigger for it. your idea, while valid, would be much more complex and bigger. my idea is to make something similar to the WASP mech (on KI, if you've seen it). so my refined schedule is as follows: build kinetic's sling pistol (i just really like strong pistol, obviously, because they're good for war, but still allow me to simultaneously work on a rifle-sized gun), retry the quad smg, and see if i can make the other gun work. about showing you them both, i took the quad smg apart because the setup i had wasn't gonna make a quality gun. i think to try and make some setup similar to my S2. about the second gun, there's not much to show at the moment because it's still open and still in construction, and the mechanism is pretty simple, yet difficult to make, because it has to be perfect for the gun to work. anyway, i'll try to explain the gun concept in another comment replied to this one. you're bolt action, while i don't know if it will be good for war, sounds amazingly cool to play around with. i would really like to see that. yes i understand what you mean. i know the classic bolt action design in a gun. by the way, another interesting fact is that most semi auto and full auto guns as well as pistols use a very similar mech where the pin is inside the bolt, just that in those the "bolt" automatically goes back and forth from the shock of the bullet explosion. good luck with that project, sounds like a promising design that will surely get a lot of affection on the site.

    I don't know if the blue clip and green rod for the bolt pin would work, because the the mag area gets thinner, and the blue clip won't fit. About the alternating trigger; I only meant that you could use the part that turns the cog. If you see the video that showed only the cog turning mech, then you can see that it is small. I didn't mean that you would use all those wheels like in the K3; you do not need those for what you want. The mech is similar to the WASP mech, but it uses a secondary ratchet that keeps the cog from moving back. I forgot to tell you in my last comment that my bolt action shoots canadammo (red connector on a yellow rod). Canadammo shoots the farthest of all the ammo I tested, except for finned ammo, which can't be put into a magazine. One problem is that the mag area has yellow rods sticking out of it, because the red connector on the canadammo is wide. I put the compound bow onto the gun, and it works well. I still need to do a range test. I think it will be well liked by the community, because it uses a new and innovative mechanism.

    i know, i'm not sure about the bolt pin either, hence the "just cut that one rod"... about the alternating trigger, i know what you meant. and i might give it a go... i was just saying that back at the time when i was talking with oblivitus about it the K# wasn't even built yet, and so i offered the WASP mech as the best i had known at the time. and how did you get to the K3's basic mechanism only video? i thought it was unlisted on youtube. i know what you mean about the ammo, although even with it being slightly better in range, regular ammo is sufficient if you have a good gun, and it obviously saves you a lot of space, so i'm not sure about the ammo... my SABR, if you've seen it, was a regular Mr. T gun (refer to kinetic's post "reinventing the wheel"), but still got over 100 feet easily. my S2, which is the smallest gun i've ever built and the smallest bolt action i've ever seen, gets well over 150 feet with the right bands. the key in making a long range or powerful gun is efficiency and energy transfer. ace those and it doesn't matter what type of ammo you use. efficiency in this case would mean how well the acceleration of the pin goes. it needs to have a long acceleration distance (far back blocking trigger), it needs to be as straight as possible (hence pin guides), it needs to meet the bullet only at the last half an inch it travels (or less), when it has the most speed and energy, and it can give the bullet the most of it. another thing you should know is that the bullet can't travel faster than the ram. the ram gets it to it's own speed, at which point it is traveling at the same speed and is slowly losing speed and energy. also, because the ram is heavier than the bullet (well, usually) the ram can never transfer all of it's energy to the bullet. since i know the distance it takes most rams to transfer enough energy to most bullets is well under an inch, half an inch should suffice, while allowing the ram to reach maximum speed and energy, like i said. energy transfer is the second part btw, you know what part.

    ok, now there's a full essay. i bet i would get at least an A- for it from my physics teacher lol.

    Here is the video of just the basic mechanism. It was on Kinetic's Youtube account. I would like to see a video of the S2 shooting 150 feet. If it can shoot 150 feet, then it can shoot as far as the NAR with 4 #64 bands and using finned ammo! That is really powerful for a pistol. The pin on my bolt action hits the bullet at the very end of its travel. It probably hits the bullet in the last quarter inch that it travels. I bet if you brought your gun to school (if you could sneak it in) and explained the physics involved, then you would probably get an A+. It might depend if your teacher likes guns or not.

    k thanks. i don't really have anywhere to film it shooting that distance. the only place is in this woods me and my friends battle, but our next battle is somewhere in november, and i'm not going there just for that (it's in a different city). it is really powerful, though, and the best proof is for you to just build it and see for yourself. i'm positive it can reach 100 feet for anyone. like i said, 150 feet is with the perfect amount of bands, new bands, and so on... mostly it shoots around 100-115 feet. i wouldn't want to bring it to school, for the obvious reasons, but i was talking about my physics essay above, not the gun itself. nvm

    I might build the gun tommorow. I was just kidding about you bringing it to school.