BLT Poppers!

Picture of BLT Poppers!
Ever want a nice tasty BLT appetizer?

How about a tasty low-carb version of a BLT?

Maybe you just have a bumper crop of plum tomatoes and don't feel like canning.

Or you just happened to run out of bread, it happens.

Introducing BLT Poppers, tasty Tomato, Crisp lettuce, mayo & BACON!!  WOOO HOOOOO!
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Step 1: Gather your goods

Picture of Gather your goods
If you are looking to make an appetizer tray start with:


1 lb of cooked BACON

1 head of tasty romaine lettuce or iceburg

12 roma tomatoes, 10 small tomatoes or quart of big fat cherry tomatoes.

Mayo to taste


Knife for chopping

Knife for tiny carving

A spoon or two

Mixing bowl

Cutting board

Step 2: Chop Chop

Picture of Chop Chop
Now just take your lettuce and chop into little green bits

Put the lettuce in the mixing bowl

Now take your bacon and chop, crumble dice and tear into little yummy bits

Now mix your bacon in with the lettuce.

Add Mayo a tablespoon at a time and mix with a spoon until you get a mixture that loosely holds together.

Step 3: Tomatoes

Picture of Tomatoes
Tomato time!

Now take your selected tomatoes and knife and get to work,

For romas I just half them vertically to make little BLT boats
For Large Cherry tomatoes I just cut around the top

For other small tomatoes you can either just top them, or get a little fancy and carve a decorative edge.

Now take your 'maters and remove the seeds and pulp from the middle, use a knife, spoon, or if you have a grapefruit spoon this would be a good time to dig it out.
daisysix2 years ago
This is brilliant!!!
Klaas Kornemann schwul? Sihcer nihct!
danlynne072 years ago
wow. i am going to the store tomorrow morning to buy these ingredients so i can make it.thank you
poofrabbit2 years ago
This is BRILLIANT!! I can't wait to try these!
abrousseau2 years ago
Oh! My! Yum! I can't believe I've never thought of this. I can't wait to try these.
I am going to try these, but to substitute in the toast taste of a normal BLT, I am going to add a non-flavored crouton to the top of each. Thanks for the ible!
Gregbot2 years ago
Oh, joy! You have made my life complete!
JungleMugsy3 years ago
Oddly enough, I do experience extended bread shortages (because I'm a broke college student). I must say this looks greeeaaaaat.
l8nite3 years ago
Creativeman3 years ago
I'd feature this one! Great stuff!
1+... When I first saw you 'ible, I thought you had baked it. That would be good too. But then I got to thinking the lettuce would be wilted. How about bacon, artichoke (or avacado) and shredded cheese in your hollow tomatoes? (include mayo if you like) Then roast until all the goodness merges. Serve on lettuce for prettiness.
lmnopeas3 years ago
Yummy! Great idea.