Picture of BLU - A wearable sensor/status bracelet
2014-07-13 18.38.23-2.png

This project was undertaken as I was applying for Intel's "Make it Wearable" contest (https://makeit.intel.com/).

Trailer of that contest:


Although I did not win I decided to try to build my idea. While the idea is not so simple here it is summarized [also see video]: a wearable device that has embedded sensors to monitor your environment and give you feedback/information on certain parameters and most prominently the quality of air and water.

This is only step one: designing a simple bracelet that displays the status of anything with embedded LEDs in a nice light diffusing 3D printed casing. Hopefully later down the road I'll be able to achieve the final goal as described in the BLU video.

Step 1: The Casing

Picture of The Casing
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2014-07-13 15.35.41.jpg
2014-07-13 15.32.23.jpg

The original design is the white 3D printed bracelet - it was too fragile and turned out quite ugly...

The second try; a much simpler design worked quite well. Simple arcs with a hollow portion in the middle. There is the main body and the cover. The design is very solid, and diffuses the light. It may not look super classy - but it ain't too bad either!


This is a really good idea. Imagine if the tech was made affordable to people in developing areas...

lol yes

Wow, this is so pretty!

Thanks! :)

gada8884 months ago

The code is a bit strange,GEMMA utilize the juice of an attiny85,while attiny85 doesn't support serial output.so the result is it won't complie.