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I made this hub for my bmx, it take 6hs of machining and 700gr of aluminum, The finished hub weights 230gr (sealed bearings and bolts included). It has a 15mm axle with 3/8"x24tpi bolts and 6902-rs bearings (15x28x7mm). 36 spoke holes.


rpattinson (author)2012-10-21

this is amazing nice one! love to me able to do machining i only learnt bench fitting. did you use any drawings?

notingkool (author)rpattinson2012-10-21

No, i don't use any drawings i desing it my self. The hardes part to machine is the interior of the hub shell (or hub body), because there is where the bearings are.
I have drawings from other bicycle hubs if you need to make one. Thanks for comment.

rpattinson (author)notingkool2012-10-21

ah well this is amazing if you have anything like this that would be great

notingkool (author)rpattinson2012-11-16

hey! did i send you that drawing yet? or i forgot? because somebody else ask me about that drawing and i don't remember if i send it to you or not. Send an inbox with your email and i will send it to you.

Abed94 (author)notingkool2012-12-16

Hey dude can you make me one if i pay you ??
I love that hub it look like G-Sport Marmoset

notingkool (author)Abed942012-12-16

Yes, i'm making more hubs to sell. Where are you from?

Abed94 (author)notingkool2012-12-21

I'm from Canada ( montreal ) i will pay for the hub + the shipping price

rpattinson (author)2012-12-04

hi yeah you havent sent it

notingkool (author)rpattinson2012-12-04

yes, i sent you the email, it's yor email right? i send it again. Let me know if you recive it. I olso recomend you this videos:



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