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Introduction: BMX Front Hub

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I made this hub for my bmx, it take 6hs of machining and 700gr of aluminum, The finished hub weights 230gr (sealed bearings and bolts included). It has a 15mm axle with 3/8"x24tpi bolts and 6902-rs bearings (15x28x7mm). 36 spoke holes.



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    this is amazing nice one! love to me able to do machining i only learnt bench fitting. did you use any drawings?

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    No, i don't use any drawings i desing it my self. The hardes part to machine is the interior of the hub shell (or hub body), because there is where the bearings are.
    I have drawings from other bicycle hubs if you need to make one. Thanks for comment.

    ah well this is amazing if you have anything like this that would be great

    hey! did i send you that drawing yet? or i forgot? because somebody else ask me about that drawing and i don't remember if i send it to you or not. Send an inbox with your email and i will send it to you.

    Hey dude can you make me one if i pay you ??
    I love that hub it look like G-Sport Marmoset

    Yes, i'm making more hubs to sell. Where are you from?

    I'm from Canada ( montreal ) i will pay for the hub + the shipping price

    yes, i sent you the email, it's yor email right? i send it again. Let me know if you recive it. I olso recomend you this videos: