This is my new rifle, the B.O.A.R. BOlt Action Rifle ). It uses a totally new type of bolt action system. Instead of using a separate bolt pin to push the bullet up a ramp and into the chamber, it uses one large bolt which surrounds the firing pin and pushes the bullet straight into the chamber. This gun uses canadammo, which has never been used in other bolt action rifles. Another feature is a bow with bending limbs that help to increase range. This gun shoots on average about 70 to 80 feet.  It is a very powerful and innovative gun.

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Step 1: The Internals.

In this step you are going to build the internals of the gun.

Image 1: The main body.
Image 2: The magazine area.
Image 3: The trigger.
Image 4: The handle. Don't forget the wheels that you put on the handle.
Image 5: The pin guide connection.
Image 6: The stock.
Image 7: Build these things.
Image 8: Attach the stuff you just made to the gun.
Image 9: Make this.
Image 10: Attach it to the gun.
Image 11: Build these.
Image 12: Attach them to the gun.
Image 13: Build all these things.
Image 14: Attach them to the gun.
Image 15: Build all these things.
Image 16: Put everything into the gun.

You are done with this step.
I'm surprised that so few people have actually seen this gun. It really is as great a gun as he says it is and even more so in some areas.
Well hello its been awhile. <br>
Yep, it's been awhile. What do you think of the gun?
Good gun didn't think it was bolt action till I built it. <br>Just keep in mind to post slightly more detailed instructions for the next gun.
It looks nice. Keep up the good work.
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Thanks! =D
No problem =D
Heh, nice. So, explain to me what drove to you build a performance gun. Oh, BTW, what do you think (all wrapped up) is the &quot;dream&quot; performance gun? It's abilities and things of that sort...?
Thanks! =D I like to build guns that are powerful and use a new concept. I don't like to build guns that use the plain old mechanisms (no offense to your guns; I think your guns are awesome.) I think the dream performance gun would be a gun that uses a reliable tried and true mechanism. It should also have a lot of awesome features like a safety, flip up sights, collapsible stock, tactical rail, etc.
It's epik! Only the rof seems slow, try adding a cocking bolt like on the swagboss and zkar v2
Thanks! =D I was going to add that kind of cocking bolt, but I didn't get around to doing it.
Thanks! =D
Thanks! =D

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