Picture of ♥BOLERO WRAP (super easy and fast)♥
This is a cute bolero to wrap around you.
Is warm, comfortable and cute, and is super easy and fast to make.
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Picture of WHAT YOU NEED
You need:
-long piece of fabric (stretchy and soft, IMPORTANT);
-sewing machine.

Step 2: CUT

Picture of CUT
Cut the fabric in a long stripe like in the drawing. If you don't have a long enough piece just sew few pieces together (like I did).

A→ the measurement of the circumference of the open part of the sleeve;
B→ the measurement of the circumference of the shoulder part;
C→ the measurement of 1 1/2 the circumference of your chest;
D→ the length of the sleeve.

This is the measurement I used (but you really should resize them on your own body measurement):

Remember to do it a bit larger to be able to fit a sweater under it.
Also it should not be too long or it will fell down, or too short or it will be uncomfortable.

Step 3: SEW

Picture of SEW
Pin and sew the sleeves part inside out.
Leave the rest open. 

It may take a little bit before you have the right and comfortable measurement, so try it on before sew it.

Step 4: HEM

Picture of HEM
Sew a little fold on all the edges.


Picture of HOW TO WEAR IT
Put a sleeve on, do a wrap around your chest, from behind to in front of you, then put on the other sleeve.

Step 6: DONE

Picture of DONE
Done : )

If you have any suggestion on fabric, tips, shape variation, etc... fell free to comment, I will appreciate! It's the first time I made this!
Kathar65 months ago

genius shape, it can be created in so many different fabrics from ultra glamorous to sporty, i wil try to get some fake fur for the wrist and some stretchy velvet for a different look! thank you for sharing!

lacewonda6 months ago

Marcella you are a genius, you can accessorise the sleeves with studs or embroidered cutouts and create one fantastic clothing line. I bow

marcellahella (author)  lacewonda6 months ago

Thanks! That sound like a good idea! I like studs.

honeyrod9 months ago
Gorgeous!!!! I am in love and can't wait to try it!!
tijwanaran10 months ago
Love love love this!!! How wide did you cut the fabric strip. I see your measurements but it didnt state how the width of the long strip piece.
marcellahella (author)  tijwanaran10 months ago

Hello, there were a mistake in the measurement, I just correct it, thanks.

Very Pretty!

sunshiine11 months ago

What a clever clever idea! It looks so fashionable!


marcellahella (author)  sunshiine11 months ago


foobear11 months ago

That is beautiful! I think you will be the winner

marcellahella (author)  foobear11 months ago

Thanks! I hope to win somethings, especially one sewing machine : ) Mine start to have some problems…

I really like your ''wear a blanket ''too, it look so warm and comfortable!

ekiessling11 months ago
Absolutely love this, am searching for fabric to make it...Yay!!!
marcellahella (author)  ekiessling11 months ago


sheripres11 months ago

What a great idea! I crochet and this would be a nice way to create a wrap.

Yours came out beautiful! Congrats. :)

marcellahella (author)  sheripres11 months ago

Thanks! Crochet will look really nice!

krisldiamond11 months ago
Going to try and make this tonight.
marcellahella (author)  krisldiamond11 months ago
Nice! Tell me how it come out or if you need more details
jfarmer1311 months ago
Hi. How wide did you make the scarf portion?
marcellahella (author)  jfarmer1311 months ago
Hello, I just post my measurement on the instructable in the step number 2.
jputnam211 months ago
Very cute, I'll have to make this!
marcellahella (author)  jputnam211 months ago
Thanks! Let me know!
betyka11 months ago
Very nice idea , it is also possible to use other soft fabric
marcellahella (author)  betyka11 months ago
nic nak11 months ago
very cute, I might just have a go at this.
marcellahella (author)  nic nak11 months ago
Thanks! If you do let me know how it turn out!
cdawisconsin11 months ago
marcellahella (author)  cdawisconsin11 months ago
Thanks! : )