This is a cute bolero to wrap around you.
Is warm, comfortable and cute, and is super easy and fast to make.
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No instructions on this item.....should be removed or updated please
What happened to the instructions ????!!!!
? Maybe my tablet is not bringing it up, but where is your indtructions on making this? All im seeing is pics. Very cute though
<p>genius shape, it can be created in so many different fabrics from ultra glamorous to sporty, i wil try to get some fake fur for the wrist and some stretchy velvet for a different look! thank you for sharing!</p>
<p>Marcella you are a genius, you can accessorise the sleeves with studs or embroidered cutouts and create one fantastic clothing line. I bow</p>
<p>Thanks! That sound like a good idea! I like studs.</p>
Gorgeous!!!! I am in love and can't wait to try it!!
Love love love this!!! How wide did you cut the fabric strip. I see your measurements but it didnt state how the width of the long strip piece.
<p>Hello, there were a mistake in the measurement, I just correct it, thanks.</p>
<p>Very Pretty!</p>
<p>What a clever clever idea! It looks so fashionable!</p><p>sunshiine</p>
<p>That is beautiful! I think you will be the winner</p>
<p>Thanks! I hope to win somethings, especially one sewing machine : ) Mine start to have some problems&hellip;</p><p>I really like your ''wear a blanket ''too, it look so warm and comfortable!</p>
Absolutely love this, am searching for fabric to make it...Yay!!!
<p>What a great idea! I crochet and this would be a nice way to create a wrap. </p><p>Yours came out beautiful! Congrats. :)</p>
<p>Thanks! Crochet will look really nice!</p>
Going to try and make this tonight. <br>
Nice! Tell me how it come out or if you need more details
Hi. How wide did you make the scarf portion?
Hello, I just post my measurement on the instructable in the step number 2.
Very cute, I'll have to make this! <br>
Thanks! Let me know!
Very nice idea , it is also possible to use other soft fabric
very cute, I might just have a go at this.
Thanks! If you do let me know how it turn out!
Thanks! : )

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