This is a mod for blow guns and air guns, and if made good it is easy to reload and the dart cant be sucked back so its safe also not many people can say "hey man i have a BOLT ACTION BLOW GUN DO U" and it looks very cool.

Step 1: Requirements

Picture of requirements
1 blow gun

1 piece of PVC pipe thats fits tight in the blowgun pipe (air tight)

1 small piece of wood (round) about 5-10cm long (this is for the bolt/lever.

1 small hook

1 normal sized rubberband

2 barbaque Skewer (for the rails)

superglue or equilivent (good superglue)
Just what I needed for my paintball modified blowgun , thanks
boomboy1234 years ago
dis poons it is awsom
beehard445 years ago
ahahahaha nc1
I say unnecessary power costing decoration
groomsy106 years ago
yo wats a blow gun pipe pleasee answer so i can finally ambush mi sister
A blowgun is a tube that when you forcefully blow on the end, a dart is fired at a velocity depending on the strength of the wind
just use any piece of pipe
your putting a silencer on a silent weapon wow
Is there any instruction on how to make a good blow gun ?
Mine :p
I will check it out:D
I guess now its making negative noise. ;)
Ow. Ouch, That Hurts My Brain, Oww...
groomsy106 years ago
yo wth is a blow gun pipe im fukin confused
it is usually a piece of pipe used for shooting a dart
bohner447 years ago
Im making a magazine for it too :D
If its bolt action there would be no point in making a mag for it????
show pics if you made it work.
Undermig6 years ago
finnster7 years ago
i know another way to make one of these and i also know how to make a silencer too
Why would you supress a silent weapon?
I blow kind of powerfully so when I shoot you here a tinking sound.
I garuntee your "silencer" does squat. Just based off of prior experience, kids don't know how to silence anything.
i garuntee you know squat
i know how to squat!
more like fart brain
brains dont fart they think!
no they dont but its a well known fact that peach brains do
damnit, you got me
if yall like the illegal weapons and stuff check out the"jam jar jet"
bowmaster6 years ago
How long is your blowgun? Looks like at the most 2ft.
King Crab7 years ago
Requirements. 1 blowgun. Huh?
bohner447 years ago
clever. I'll have a go at making that.
BORDEREjack8 years ago
this thing is scotty mega....it gets alot of in....definatly not a smack idea lukeRAMBO
lukeRAMBO (author)  BORDEREjack8 years ago
have alook at my BLOWGUN AND DARTS instructable BORDEREjack it also gets ultra mega velocity in.
lukeRAMBO (author) 8 years ago
it does lose pressure but not enough to make a noticable difference and shoots the same difference as just a single mouth piece
lukeRAMBO (author) 8 years ago
Thanks for the spelling tip ROBO
dcshoeco338 years ago
wouldnt it lose air pressure out of the hole like when you blow through it itll lose power....
Robotrix8 years ago
dude, it's a barbeque SKEWER.