If a boo boo has you feeling crummy,
Stick an ice cube in my tummy.
Hold it to your boo boo tight,
Soon everything will be all right!
<p>As I do not have the knack for making one, where can I buy one. Is there a store in Edmonton that carries these? Thank you</p>
Just found this instruct able, bought a similar bunny with baby soap in the middle at a craft fair a few years ago &amp; couldn't remember how to do it. Love the boo boo option - I work in a school &amp; have many boo boos to fix. Think even the big &quot;tough&quot; grade 6 boys might smile at this one! Going to get a parcel of flannels in the morning ready for Monday!
We made these for easter at our school!
Thanks again. I'm going to try and make some of these for a baby shower. I might make some in pink and blue as well as your pretty white.
Oh! I understand now. I found the exact set of instructions and pictures at this link <br> <br>http://familycrafts.about.com/od/easterbunnies/ss/booboobunny.htm <br> <br>Do you write for that site too?
No but I learned how to do it in school and verified my instructions n the wesbsite that I listed
So ...do you place the ice cube in the cloth and then make up the bunny? ( Sorry to be so daft.) Or does the icecube slide in once the bunny is made. I'm not comprehending a lot of what I've been reading lately. It's a little concerning. It is very cute! thanks for posting the Instructable.
A couple of years ago, I took a pile of washcloths, rubber bands, some bingo markers, some sharpies, glue sticks and some cotton balls to an Easter Egg Hunt. Children (starting at 2 yrs old) decorated the washcloths with bingo markers, parents and helpful teenagers folded them into bunnies then the kids glued on the cotton tails and made dots for eyes. A plastic egg filled with candy fit perfectly in the bunny and each child had a souvenir favor to take home for a decoration. Everyone had a ball and best of all, adults and children were doing it together.
Thank you for all the nice comments! If you think this instructable is good, then leave ideas for other instructables in my inbox and i will see what i can do.
AWWWW i love this:-)
ah i remenber these. -good times ggggooooodddd timmeesssssss
=D Oh wow, I remember when my mom gave me one of these! I never knew the poem, though <sup>_</sup><br/>
Aww these are cute...the eyes you've chosen make them look nuts though :D still very cute and servers a good purpose.
awesome! I used to have one of these when i was a kid! it was yellow though! (: great job putting this up!

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