BOOM "BOX" (For Any Ipod or Mp3 Player etc. . . )

Picture of BOOM
Hi everyone here is an instructable on how to make a really easy boom box using some materials you can find around your home or that you already have!
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Step 1: Materials

for this project you will need :

-Electrical tape



-Speaker(s)(1 or 2)

-Hot Glue

Optional: Solder / soldering iron

Step 2: Fitting Your Speakers

Now for this i used two speakers from an old tv and a shoe box.
On your box trace an outline of your speakers and how you want to place them, then remove your speakers and make the outline smaller so that the speakers fit nice and snug.

Note: I put electrical tape around the edge where i cut the box, once again to make the speaker feel more snug.

Step 3: Connecting the Speakers to the headphone jack.

Picture of Connecting the Speakers to the headphone jack.
Now my speaker had a wire like the 1 shown below, so all i did was split that in two pieces then strip each wire.( make shure you cut the headphone speakers off and only have the wires connected to the jack)

After that when each of your wires is striped you will see two di fferent colored wires, seperate them. after if you look at your speaker you should see two little tabs sticking out , connect one color to the tab on the left ond one to the right, do the same for both speakers.

Note: when you are doing this make shure that your wires are passed through the box.

Step 4: Soldering / Taping

Picture of Soldering / Taping
Now that all of that is done take the wires and tape them or solder them to the little tabs , making shure they make contact with the little tabs.

If there is existing solder on the speakers tabs make shure you do your best to try and remove it. (not manditory)

Step 5: Almost Music time

Picture of Almost Music time
when youre done make a hole in the top of your box to run the jack through. then hot glue the outer edges of your speakers to the box and voila your very own boom "box".

juanmxal2 years ago
muy interesante, sobre todo por reutilizar partes de otros equipos
_Scratch_3 years ago
Normally I'm not the spelling nazi, but since you did it twice, it's spelled sure, not shure. Nice 'ible by the way.
hsarode13 years ago
Hey i stripped a audio jack and found 3 wires not 2 they r red blue and brown should i connect only the blue and red to thee speaker terminals or blue and brown or red and brown pls help me .

Thank u
kimroks6 years ago
DOood the sound quality must suck right? (not being offensive) you should hook it up to a small Amp powered buy just 3 1.5volt batteries of any kind.
exactly, just like a little amp from some old computer speakers, thats what i do, then i power it with the 5V rail on my computer power supply
drew.adc7 years ago
I can't imagine that something that only produces enough power to drive headphones can be enough to drive anything but the most efficient speakers with any kind of volume. A standard headphone jack simply does not throw enough power to produce enough volume. The only way that this could even have a decent volume would be if it has very, very small range of sound.
rickick (author)  drew.adc6 years ago
these work fine it works perfectly i have made another version i also suggest using a headphone jack frokm a set of lager speakers or make your own
I installed something like this for my home renovation.

I built an enclosure that went in the attic to isolate the sound (it's a townhouse) and when it came time to test, I got antsy and hooked it up directly to the headphone output of my 4G iPod, Sansa Express, and Creative Zen Sleek.

They all drove the speaker loud enough for it's intended purpose even though they're probably not the most efficient. Surprisingly, the iPod was able to drive it the loudest although I had to take it down a few steps from max to keep it from distorting noticeably.

You'd be surprised what you can get out of just the headphone output (not the line out).
Derin drew.adc7 years ago
my 8gb zen has enough power to drive external spkrs
rickick (author)  drew.adc7 years ago
Like i have mentioned before, it all depends on what kind of speakers you use.
yes, but in order to gain volume, you have to sacrifice audio quality.
chevyboy6666 years ago
worked for me took out the bottom and put in a extra speaker sounds alright for my purposes though a little quiet
jerbob7 years ago
Nice presentation. But here's a problem that I ran into the hard way. Wiring speakers directly to an amplifier can blow the output of the amplifier if the resistance to the speakers is too low. You might want to research the output resistance required before you hook up the speakers. Sometimes one resistor will do the trick, but first you have to know what size resistor is required. If I had known this I would have avoided the bill from the electronics repair shop.
Thanks. You've probably saved somebody some bucks!
Use a Sonic Impact Class T portable amp... they run on AAs and throw some MASSIVE SOUND for the power. I currently have more or less the same thing on my bike and it breaks noise ordinances on a daily basis. They're also $30 so you can afford to tear it apart. Combine that with a 5AH or so SLA battery and you've got a real Boom Box.
kn1007 years ago
an amplifier here might be handy, will work on it now!
unowhoiam7 years ago
hey would speaker wire work instead of the phone crap?????
rickick (author)  unowhoiam7 years ago
sry about that, i havent tried yet. if you did tell me how it went!
unowhoiam7 years ago
nvm ... this is y unowhoiam
I HACK7 years ago
this will hab shit low volume(no amp)
rickick (author)  I HACK7 years ago
it works for me. it's probably your uh! what are they,oh! yea "sh*t speakers".
rickick (author)  I HACK7 years ago
works for me
Crim7 years ago
no that didnt help me. maybe you didnt understand what i ment.. but it doesnt matter now. i figured it out anyway. im using a similiar setup with the only difference that mine arent from a tv set :p my cable with jack stripped into 3. and i figured out 2 were for each side/speaker and the third was for powering it all. meh..too much explaining.. i should write an diy for it :p
Crim7 years ago
how did you connect both speakers to the jack from the headphones. when it only splits into 2 lines. to connect to both speakers you'll need 4 lines...
rickick (author)  Crim7 years ago
That is the tricky part, once you have your 2 wires strip them both and inside each one you will find 2 even smaller wires , strip them and then connect them to your speakers. hope that was a bit helpfull. Rick,
rickick (author) 7 years ago