More info in www.andalux.com/cajanido.
Caja Nido para Pajaros, con Webcam.
Sergio Trujillo. 2006.

Step 1: Buy Material DM

Step 2: Mount

Step 3: Use

Normal length for a usb cable is 5 metres, but this can be boosted to 35 metres with USB powered amplifiers
What is the max length of a USB cord you can use? I remember the old parallel printer cords back in the day, were limited to 10 feet I believe. USB might be longer since it provides 5 volts of power.
I think that this is great! But could you provide us with more information about how it works... and how you hook it up to the computer... the pictures of how to mount the hardware are great.
Where Do you get a USB cord That long?
this is a really cool idea, though a wireless camera seems much more practical. to those of you complainers, this is a REALLY simple project, do you really need someone to walk you through it?
Gotta start somewhere right? :P
El cable rojo se conecta a la webcam para obtener electricidad para las luces, a partir del USB. The red wire is for connect the lights to the webcam, for the USB electricity.
Whats the red wire for?. How do you get enough light to get a decent picture?. Para cuál es el alambre rojo?. Cómo usted consigue bastante luz para conseguir un decente represente?.
This is a sweet idea! Im gonna hook one up.
i did this in my old house with a wireless nightvision cctv camera, only i had to dig through some rotten wood in the dusty atic as it was a swift nest under the tiles!(they had chicks and everything!) now i have moved, it is on a swallow nest entrance (a lot easier to get to!)and the chicks were so cute!
Awesome instructable. I stayed with a family in England that had one of these. It was neat watching the birds over dinner.
Yes we do, thats why we're here!!!
from jing
So you have to find a bird with a webcam?
I agree with the others.
That's a pretty cool idea, but it would be a lot better if you went into more detail. I presume the webcam's line is USB?
Yeah, i'm with the guy upstairs.
Isn't the whole point that you talk through what materials you're using, and how you do it? rather than just say "Buy Material", "Mount", "Use"?

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