is is an open source robot platform for interactive entertainment! We connected Arduino,Plexiglass(or cardboard) Origami and your idea together, so we can easily and quickly build a remote robot by ourself! You can assembled it like LEGO! We can use it to playing football game, racing, fighting or some other interesting things!

Follow the step, I will show you how to build a BOXZ Base
Here are the drawing, skin of Mario, Android Client and Arduino code in the Att.

Version info:
BOXZ Base: Easy and funny, made by cardboard
BOXZ Pro: Support more sensor and use plexiglass
Size info:
The Cube of BOXZ: 128x128x128MM
The Skin of BOXZ: 130x130x130MM

Some more update:

Everything you can find it here, include the draw, arduino code and skin...Have fun!

[Updating 2012.09.13]
And here is the Step by Step how to make a skin

Some of Skins are reference from the web:

Author: Leo

License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0


Step 1: What We Need?

We need a piece of cardboard which thickness is 2MM, some A4 pape and your idea!
We also need the following items

Electronic Boards
1x Arduino (Seeeduino or  Arduino 328P 2009)
1x Driver Board (ladyada.net)
1x BT board (seeedstudio.com)

Mechanical Component and some others
2x Analog Servor TowerProSG90  5V
4x bolts M2x10
8x nuts M2

2x bearing 623(3*10*4)
2x bolts M3x10
2x nuts M3

1x battery case 4 x AA(min) or 5 x AA (7.5V DC)
2x bolts M2x30
2x nuts M2

2x TT Reduction Gear 1:48 or higher
2x DC Motor 130, 6V
2x Wheel 65MM
4x bolts M3x30
4x nuts M3
4x Hexagonal pillars M3+6
4x Hexagonal pillars M3x6
4x bolts M3x6
4x Breadboard Cable 5-10CM

BTW: some words in the photo is Chinese 
Me with no knowledge of Electronic Boards and wiring, it is confuse to see the diagram. we control the BOXZ through computer? <br> <br>But definitely will try it. It is cute and as you say, we can use it for football, fighting and others stuff. I have few idea in my head, One of it is maybe with some modification, we can make it swim. <br> <br>Thank for taking your time and write this instructable.
Of cause you can control it with Computer or your laptop via bluetooth Serial Port! any serial software is ok, such as a free software named &quot;AccessPort.exe&quot; <br> <br>you could find the keyword in the comment of arduino code <br> <br>Only a few cable need to connect, don't need the diagram! <br>So, looking forward to see your BOXZ!
i made something similar <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Sphero-Hacks-Make-a-robotic-tumbling-cube/
I see, and maybe it's better in a transparent box ;)
Very, very nice!!
Thumbs up!

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