A fun little hack with the little tab on the bread bag. Flick it at your friends, enemy's, pets and all sorts of other things. First you will need to Obtain a bread tab ( the little thing holding the twist in your bread bag)

Step 1: PREP

Snap your bread tab in half right down the middle. It may take a few bends back and forth

Step 2: Attach to Ur Finger

Place the lower corner of the notch on the meaty part of your pointer finger then wrap the point around your finger and rest it just under the skin just under the nail it should stick when you let go


Next flick the tab it's just like a normal flick it the tab flies across the room it may take some practice
<p>Why did you snap it in half...?? I tried it this way and it made it very unbalanced and hard to get right!!! The way I've always done it for years is by just snapping off one of the hook thingies.... That way you get a much better notch for your finger to go into....</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing :)</p>

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