My brother moved into a hose for college and needed some new decorations. He built a case and filled it with some of our best zombie repellent weapons we have made over the years. Needless to say, he'll be a survivor. Let me know what you guys think and if I get enough requests I'll make an instructable.
Just make an instructable its not to hard
not a bad choice of weapons. I would have that hammer looked at though, it looks a bit old and battered. There's a fine line between "distressed/aged" and "old/breaking". Also, how would the sawblade be used? Would you throw it or is it attached to that bludgeon?
He added the hammer to add to the post apocalyptic effect. As for the saw, it's attached to a bat and is actually very good weapon for ripping and severing, we tried them on watermelon shell and cardboard and the results were very pleasing.
I figured that the hammer was there to add a post-apocalyptic vibe, but personally, I think that it's a bit too &quot;distressed&quot;. I would go for a more tarnished finish than a rusty one. <br>I'm not surprised that the saw-bludgeon (bludgeon=bat/thumper) ripped into the watermelon and cardboard...I'm all for an instructable on the case!
I think the hammer is mainly there for the breaking of the glass.
please do make an instructable!!!

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