Introduction: BRIMNES Perfect Nightstand

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The perfect nightstand for a IKEA Brimnes bed frame.

Step 1: The Problem - Bed

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We bought a new BRIMNES bedframe with storage by IKEA.

Handy with drawers under the bed.

To complete the bed we also got a BRIMNES nightstand.

Assembled both and placed bed and nightstand on there place.

Step 2: The Problem - Nightstand

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It looked perfect, but how to open the storage.
The nightstand blocks opening the drawer.
You have to move the nightstand every time you want to access the storage.

This is really irritating. How to solve this?

Step 3: The Solution - Photo

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Step 4: The Solution - Show It

It is not necessary anymore to replace the nightstand to open the drawer.

Step 5: How to Make This?

1. Buy BRIMNES Nightstand by IKEA.
- BRIMNES Nightstand, white, Article Number: 102.349.42
- BRIMNES Nightstand, black, Article Number: 803.404.54

2. Buy two 4 cm Square Screw Hooks by a hardware store.

3. Download the manual for the BRIMNES perfect nightstand

Step 6: Solved

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Good luck!



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