Introduction: BROKEN DOLL Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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This is how to make a broken doll makeup for your Halloween party.

Watch the video.

Step 1:

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Step 2: Things Needed.

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Choose clothes that you will typically see on doll's.

I chose a simple dress, socks with stripes, little shoes and stockings.

With those you will also need:

- White glowing eye shadow

- Two pairs of false lashes

- Glue for the lashes

- Scissors

- Black, red and white face paint

- A wig of your choice

- Pompoms

- Hairpins

- Red lipstick

- Blusher

- Black and white eye pencil

- Mascara

- Lip pencil

- Hobby glue

- brush

- Bow ties

Step 3: Hair.

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Start by attaching the hair with hair clips.

Make a bun to the back of your head.

Step 4: Eyebrows.

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Use Hobby glue (non-toxic) to glue your eyebrows to make a good base for the doll eyebrows.

Step 5: Face Paint.

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Spread a thin layer of white face paint on your face.

Translucent layer of paint makes it look like an old doll.

Step 6: Eyes and Lips.

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Outline the waterline and lower lid with white pen. This will make the illusion that your eyes are bigger.

Also paint your lips with white pen.

Step 7: Skin.

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Use some glowing white eye shadow on your face to make it look more like a plastic.

Step 8: Eye Line.

Picture of Eye Line.

Outlining your eyes.

Use black pencil on your upper eyelid just above your lashes and repeat the process with lower lid.

Step 9: Mascara.

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Add some mascara.

Step 10: Upper Eyelid.

Picture of Upper Eyelid.

Make lines to your upper eyelid with the black face paint. Don't fade away.

This is to make some shadow to your eye.

Step 11: Eyebrows and Lower Lashes.

Picture of Eyebrows and Lower Lashes.

Draw lower lashes and your eyebrows with liquid eyeliner. Make them anyway you like.

Step 12: Cheeks.

Picture of Cheeks.

Add some blush to your cheeks. You can make them anyway you like.

I made small "circles" on my cheeks. I forgot to buy the actual blush so I used Baby Lips lip stick (pink).

Step 13: Lips.

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Outline your lips with red lining pen. Shape it like a heart.

Fill the area with red lipstick. Use red face paint to finish of the filling if needed.

Outline your lips with black pen.

Step 14: False Lashes.

Picture of False Lashes.

Use one pair of false lashes to make the lower lid lashes.

Cut away exes parts and shape them like you want.

Glue the modified lower lashes and upper lashes on your eye lids.

Step 15: Cracks.

Picture of Cracks.

Paint some cracks where ever you want.

Use black and white pen and liquid eyeliner.

Watch the video (In the header) to see the technique to make them.

Step 16: Hair.

Picture of Hair.

Put on your wig.

Tie your hair evenly to both sides. Attach bow ties.

I tuned these bow ties my self.

The base of the bow tie is a simple one you can find from your favorite store. The eye balls are 3D printed half spheres. You can use anything shaped like that if you do not have access to a 3D printer.

Paint the iris and the black part in the middle on the "eye ball".

Use hot glue to attach them to the bow.

Step 17: Done.

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Done! \o/

Thanks for reading. Make sure you watch the video (super scary ending ;).

Follow me for more Halloween costume ideas! And for other projects too.


Sunglowart (author)2015-10-10

I m so impressed.... Wat a transformation! Lovely tutorial

LKarvonen (author)Sunglowart2015-10-10

Thank you so much! Nice to hear that :-)

FreckledR (author)2015-10-08


LKarvonen (author)FreckledR2015-10-08

Thank you :-)

seamster (author)2015-10-08

Great costume!

And a great first instructable too, very well done! Welcome to the site, I hope you'll share all your projects here :)

LKarvonen (author)seamster2015-10-08

Thank you so much! :-)

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