Have you troubles to get your cds on place...?
Tired of all those broomsticks on the junk cans...? l
Well my friends ...it´s time to bring them back to live and make something cool with them.


Googles and leather gloves.
Drill. or Drill press it´s better
1/8 Drill Bit.
Bench Vise
Wood glue.
6 Nails.
Wood paint.

1 Broom Stick.
1 package of Bamboo skewers sticks.


Thank's man .... I was searching for it for a long time :)
Hope u made some let me know when you made it. You can try the top and Base much wide and drill three holes with the diameter of the sticks.Thnks 4 the coment.
Great idea! This is a great way to recycle some old broom handles I have laying around.
Hi there Would u pls vote for my entry ...?<br>http://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Belt-No-sew/<br>thnks
nicely done ! !
Hi there Would u pls vote for my entry ...?<br>http://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Belt-No-sew/<br>thnks
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Thnks 4 the coment...hope I&acute;ve been clear with the process...whe you made it let me see yours.

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