This is the X91KSK, it's just my version of a survival knife, in knex.

Survival knives are meant for use in forests, whether for combat, or for survival.

They are normally quite weighty, and are used for stabbing food, rope work and sometimes sawing wood.

They do have saws, or teeth, on them, but there is not a lot.

My one, I think, is comfortable, quite weighty, and survival knife like.

If you wish, you can sharpen the end of one rod for stabbing power, however, I will personally hunt you down if you even aim it at someone, or something valuable.

I'm an MGS fanatic, and the knife is a lot like the knife in MGS3.

1. knife
2. kind of based on
3. stab it! ~I can't i broke my knife!!! CRAB BATTLE!!! OLIOLIOOOOO!!! (See video below)

For those of you that really like/hate MGS3 (no spoilers):


Step 1: Pieces


grey 1
reds 3
yellow 1


grey 12 (but i used 2 blue half hinge cause of low pieces)
red 10
green 1
yellow 1


Y con (black clip in my other 'ibles) 11
blue clip 6 (but i used 3 tan clips cause of low pieces)
ball joint thingy 1
blue spacer 1

Not many is there!

Step 2: Handle

1) make it.

grey x3
greyx3 (you don't have to use blue)
grey x3
red x3

on 2 red rods + 1 grey

2) back

Step 3: Blade/teeth.


1) make the blade

2) add these to handle

3) add these to blade

4) connect them.

Step 4: That's It!

Simple yet effective.

If your gonna use this in a Knex war,you can threaten someone for ammo/info, using the teeth against them.
i freakin luv the vid i just cant stop watching it lol
CRAB BATTLE stop saying taht OLIOLILIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO <br>CRAB BATTLE <br>what the hell is going on <br>CRAB BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>STop it<br>OLIOLIOLIOLIOLIOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
i erased that embarrasing comment
an really easy way to get around the weak spot is to cover the whole knife in electrical tape. its really sturdy. i chucked it against my wall and it didn't break
yay! this is a stronger knife than any other knex one i've built!
are you gonna rate it then?
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why not?
because you are being too expectant. be calm and relax, be unexpectant and then people will rate without you asking.
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I just made this same kind of blade design with y-connectors and I was going to put it online. -_- So this is how it feels to be beat to posting, lol.
You even said sharpen here! I was gonna say that! Stop being psychic! Lol!
lol! the video's random. oh, you make up for being beaten to the post buttonm, I have a TMG mod like yours coming, but yours came out already! what do you guys reckon to: 1)spring gun 2) bass guitar 3) spinning top (which i might turn into some sort of saw thing - or a fan) 4 is my avatar in big. Oh and do you want to join my group, i'm feeling kind of lonely :(
Post the spring gun, that looks like an interesting idea.
lol, nevermind. i like the new avatar btw!
He did come up with it himself though, I'm not saying that he stole it, we just both came up with the same idea at the same time.
lol yes, rambo.
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I just thought of writing a song as a tribute to this, and that was gonna be the title.
KNIFE<br/>&#8211;noun<br/>1. an instrument for <strong>cutting</strong>, consisting essentially of a thin, <strong>sharp</strong>-edged, <strong>metal</strong> blade fitted with a handle. <br/>
Knex knife - noun, an instrument designed to replicate a knife.
My dictionary must be out of date...
sorry it should have: knex -noun a toy (for 8+) designed to replicate something.
Mine says, "see 'awesome'"...
You must be really bored and lonely if you have nothing better to do than criticize other people's knex knives instead of MAKING an instrument for CUTTING, consisting essentially of a thin, SHARP-edged, METAL blade fitted with a handle... LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL PONED!
That Vid is so mest up!!!!!!! yet strangely amusing!!!!!!!! hahaha, can't stop laughing!! cool knife too!!!
it has a lot to do with MGS3, in which snake has his eye shot out...
wow, it was still one of the most wierd videos i have ever seen.

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