BT Audio Dongle.





Introduction: BT Audio Dongle.

 This is my BT Dongle, built from a pair of Logitech BT headphones.



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     haha sorry, it sends music over blue tooth signals. So for example you pair it with a computer, and connect it to a pair of speakers or headphones and the music gets sent over Blue Tooth.

    Right, from the machine to the audio out, so you don't have to be plugged into it. What's your range on this, and what's inside - kit?


     Exactly, the range is 35ft (not in direct line of site) which is pretty common for Blue Tooth. Inside the enclosure is a  a push button, 3.5mm headphone jack, the 3V power supply and the PCB from the old Blue Tooth headphones.

    35ft is plenty, I'm thinking of a belt-clip for this - that appeal to you?


     A belt clip would be good for mobile use, but my original design was to stream music from my computer to my music system.