Introduction: BTTF Hoverboard

We are having a Back to the Future theme for Halloween this year.

My son who is 8 made this great Hoverboard.


marlon164 (author)2016-07-16

its fake he has attached it to sum fishing line

zmatt (author)2010-10-19

Why no instructions?

cowtasticfilms (author)zmatt2010-10-19

We wanted to enter it into the Halloween contest. We will try to make instructions over the weekend.

GLaDOS_ (author)cowtasticfilms2015-10-30


GLaDOS_ (author)2015-09-10

make a video where you are test driving it

GLaDOS_ (author)2015-09-09

so does it actually hover?

GLaDOS_ (author)2015-09-09


Rivy slime (author)2015-06-12

We're did you get that stuff

builder500 (author)2013-07-20

is it real or fake

It is reel of course.

iskate (author)2011-10-13

when are you going to make instructions !? i really want to make this

airsoftsniper12 (author)2010-10-25

Very Cool!

VagsmaCutter (author)2010-10-18

He said exactly what I was thinking, exactly when I was thinking it! Holy Cow! That thing is so loud it's no wonder the dog wouldn't come around it. Good job, I'm gonna try and make one to scare my mom's dog Leopold with.

atombomb1945 (author)2010-10-18

Excellent job in presentation and creation.

kelseymh (author)2010-10-14

There's some sort of problem with the way Instructables is currently (just today) embedding video. Yours is not showing up at all. Could you edit the text above and include a direct link (URL) to the video itself, in addition to the embedding? Thanks!

cowtasticfilms (author)kelseymh2010-10-15

I think I fixed it.

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