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Introduction: BTTF Time Clock

Back To The Future Time Machine Clock



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    This is way cooler than the clocks I have made, but maybe I can add a little different approach. I made a simple silicon mould of a tube and cast it in clear resin, with the diode inside. That gave me the little glass-looking tip on top, which makes it look just like a tube. I also drilled a small hole in some tubes, just large enough for the diode to fit in, and kept all the good stuff in the tube that way. I have to make another one and use some of these ideas. Fine clock!

    I want to make this! I need more information though. I'm not an electronics geek unfortunately and don't know enough to fill in the blanks for myself. I'm betting that if you took the time to draw a schematic and put together a material list and maybe a short kit, you could sell them through some of the BTTF fan sites. This is an excellent looking device you've made.

    Overall, you did a good job explaining how everything went together. Could you tell us where you got the switch with the nuclear symbol on it?