BUCKET Composters


Introduction: BUCKET Composters

Composteira feita com o uso de 3 baldes com tampa, serve para jogar o lixo orgânico e ter adubo para suas plantas.

Step 1:

Os materiais utilizados foram:

3 baldes com tampa

1 furadeira

1 torneirinha

1. Fazer furos no fundo do balde para que as minhocas caminhem por todos eles.

2. Fazer pequenos furos nas laterais para respiro.

3. Cortar o centro de duas das tampas para ajustar o balde superior nela.

4. Em um dos baldes instalar uma torneirinha para retirada do chorume.

Step 2: Holes

1. Drill holes in the bucket

Step 3: Holes in the Side

2. Drill holes in the side of the bucket but very small

Step 4: Cut Caps

3. Cut the center of two caps

Step 5: Faucet

4. install the faucet

Step 6: Finish


CD - UFPR - Jeniffer E. Becker Padilha



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    Tell us more. Why this design and how to use it, what makes it better than other compost systems....

    1 reply

    Hi BARking, the design came from the ease of stacking the buckets. The use occurs putting earthworms and some land beyond the organic waste produced . An advantage is also able to take advantage of the slurry produced to fertilize the plants , so the tap , not only Fertilizers that will form over time.

    Great idea! Please post pictures once you have a chance to make it!

    1 reply

    Ok, in the next chance I post pictures