BUCKET Composters





Introduction: BUCKET Composters

Composteira feita com o uso de 3 baldes com tampa, serve para jogar o lixo orgânico e ter adubo para suas plantas.

Step 1:

Os materiais utilizados foram:

3 baldes com tampa

1 furadeira

1 torneirinha

1. Fazer furos no fundo do balde para que as minhocas caminhem por todos eles.

2. Fazer pequenos furos nas laterais para respiro.

3. Cortar o centro de duas das tampas para ajustar o balde superior nela.

4. Em um dos baldes instalar uma torneirinha para retirada do chorume.

Step 2: Holes

1. Drill holes in the bucket

Step 3: Holes in the Side

2. Drill holes in the side of the bucket but very small

Step 4: Cut Caps

3. Cut the center of two caps

Step 5: Faucet

4. install the faucet

Step 6: Finish


CD - UFPR - Jeniffer E. Becker Padilha



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Tell us more. Why this design and how to use it, what makes it better than other compost systems....

Hi BARking, the design came from the ease of stacking the buckets. The use occurs putting earthworms and some land beyond the organic waste produced . An advantage is also able to take advantage of the slurry produced to fertilize the plants , so the tap , not only Fertilizers that will form over time.

Great idea! Please post pictures once you have a chance to make it!

Ok, in the next chance I post pictures