Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. This is the second arc reactor I made. I did not completely copy the prop in themovie. I created some new designs.


This is the electric circuit plan of this arc reactor. I used SMDs as the light resources. The circuit is simple but the form is pretty complicated.


The lateral view


This is the most essential and interesting part. The main material is plexigalss. I made all the parts with laser cutting. All the parts are made just as what I have designed.

After all the parts have been cut, i assembled them  accoring to my plan. You can see how to do it from the image I post here.
I filled the space in the light ring  with hot melt to make the light more soft.

While assembling the light ring, I fixed the SMDs on the bottom part of the ring base, and weld them.

Then I stick a plexiglass ring on this circuit. the dia of the ring =the dia of the circuit ring. 
After all the above steps were completed, I cut the marks on the surface of the light ring for the exact location of the brass coil.
In the picture, you can clearly see the three-layer structure of the lignt ring.
paint the ring with clear blue.


This step is easy but you need more patience to do it.
First, circle the rubber tape on the preset marks on the light ring and wrap the copper plate in the rubber tape. Then circle the brass string on the tape, glue the brass string on the back side.  


The center component is based on a round plexiglass plate. The plate is the remains of the previous cutting. The detailes are shown in my images.


The final step is to assemble all the parts. Glue some plastic cubes on the interior side of the light ring to fix the center component.
This reactor is super thin, it is only less than 2CM including the cover.
Put the reactor into the round frame. The frame is a filter of the tea pot. Here is how I made the exterior metal ring: I took apart a thermometer and painted its cover silver to make it look like real metal.   

<p>how do i get parts for it and how am i supposed to print the instructions and how would this work and dose this realy makes electricity and if it does than i need help finding the parts and my body can deel with elctricty i want to be the first one to test it out on my self</p>
<p>i have made the one which can produce energy in the form of heat but not as like electricity but i will make it i have also made a smart brain as like JARVIS which can perform 95% task on my way </p>
<p>all right .....it's awsome ...but what about the blasters on the hand of iron man,,,?</p>
<p>you can make it first study thermo dynamics and the principal of cumbustion on which jet fighter rockets are made and u also need palladium</p>
How did you mount it on yourself? how did you power it? Where did you get the smds? <br>Sorry for all the questions. thnks
I just made a hole on my vest and attach the reactor to the vest. I used battery as the power supply. I got smd via Taobao.<br>Thanks for your support!
LOL I almost mistoke vest as chest
Sorry to pester you even more, but what kind of battery was it exactly? I've just started mine. <br>
<p>Hi I was wondering if this is accurate to the model they would create if iron man/ tony stark were real</p>
Where did u buy the led ?
Very nice looks fantastic!
.thanks a lot for ur help.:D.here's mine:
very nice job! it looks fantastic!
.thanks a lot for ur help.:D.here's mine: <br>
this is the coolest arc reactor that i have seen someone make and it is so thin also how much did it cost
What SMDs did you use and what was the power schematic for your design? Looking to buy SMDs in bulk but I don't want to get the wrong ones
I used 1206 Ultra Bright White SMD LEDs when I built mine - to be honest, unless you're used to using really tiny electronics parts (and I MEAN really tiny), don't go any smaller than a 1206. They run off pretty small batteries - I've been using watch batteries with mine (sorry, can't remember quite which one off the top of my head) and they last a long time. <br> <br>Hope this helps.
how did u make hole in u chest i want to make this alone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fast reply me
In the movie, they made a latex/silicone cast of RDJ's chest, which is why he looks a little odd whenever he's shirtless in the first movie (they ironed out the process a bit more for the second movie and Avengers), and they cut a hole in that - that's how Pepper sticks her fingers in his chest and the full size arc reactor fits in it. <br> <br>Hope that helps (I know your post was about a year ago, sorry!)
The &quot;real&quot; one was approx. 3-4in. tall. This one is about one inch. Much easier to hide under a shirt. There's no need to cut a hole in yourself. I highly recommend against it. :)<br> <br> BTW, <em>awesome </em>Arc Reactor, KZ! :D
Take a knife and cut a hole in your chest!!!!!!!
Thanks mate ! It just worked so well !
A very sharp cookie cutter would make a much cleaner circular cut.
Do it just as you like, just be careful and don't hurt yourself!!<br>And don't come crying to me if you do.
Wait...when did we go from joking to serious?
When were we joking??? ;)
Can I have a list of materials...What power source do you use? Battery? How many Volts?
Can anyone send me a precise list of material and how many volt batterie
can you pls send list of material and how many volt battery do you use or what source of power? thx
what are the materials ? <br>
Could you also send me a list of supplies and what type they need to be. thanks
What materials u use could u send me the list please :D
please could you inbox me a copy of the materials needed.<br><br>Cheers
what materials did you use???
Looking forward to an update with a list of ingredients, but still a very good one.
Nice, but what *is* the device?? What does it do?
It's an arc reactor prop, from the Iron Man movie. It just lights up and looks pretty, but in the movie it powers the Iron Man suit and keeps Tony Stark alive.<br><br>Incredible replica piece though xD
it looks cool
if you havnt seen IronMan 1 then heres a summary of the device: Tony Stark gets kidnapped while doing a weapons demonstration in Afghanistan. the ARC reactor he makes is connected to an electromagic and locked in place on his chest as a way to keep the shrapnel in him (from an explosion when he was taken) from moving owards his vital organs. throughout the first and second movies he is making new ones which are higher power or better for his body. Hope this helps, this is a replica of the reactor Stark makes
this would be an awsome instructable if there where better diagrams (readable) and if there were parts/ step by step instructions. thanks
plz help me! I understand this not, I need a list of parts, &amp; more detailed instructions, plz email me @ elijahreader@gmail.com thank you!
the instructions r prety vague, &amp; u need a list of parts, plz post 1! Prety good though, best iv seen
what the function of the coil kyling?
i would like to buy one of these from you, pleeeeeeeeeease
Hello! (: <br>Haha I want to make this for my boyfriend for our 2 year, but he is the master of creating things, so any tips on how to make it great considering I have never really built anything like this before? And also now to not fail miserably... Thanks!<br>
build him someting else, like knit a pair of gloves for him, it is what girls do in China, which can help you win his heart! good luck with you!

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