Step 9: A FULL TRAVEL TOOTHPASTE for less with no mess

Picture of a FULL TRAVEL TOOTHPASTE for less with no mess
Once you have squeezed the little guy full you should screw and old empty back on the regular sized tube to keep it fresh.
Good Luck
ddevine23 years ago
I travel quite a bit, and the brand of toothpaste I like best is just not available in small tubes. With this method.. I can switch brands and get exactly what I want. Brilliant!
JakeBlanton3 years ago
I made something similar a couple of years ago, but instead of gluing the two tops together, I put both of them into the flame of a gas burner just long enough to get the ends molten (but not burning) and then pressed them together so that the two plastics fused together. I soon learned that not every toothpaste tube has the same size / screw threads.

More often than not, I just grab the two tubes of toothpaste, hold them firmly together and squeeze from the large tube to the small tube. If you don't do it right, you will have a bit of a mess on your hands...
dpitts43 years ago
Just a little add to make faster and easier. I am a painter and use a paint tube extuder for both toothpaint and my paint tubes. It is awesome and my kids love to use it (only when present ;) ) Anyway here is a link for one on amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004WQINJS/ref=asc_df_B004WQINJS1772090?smid=AZS5DWT1I69ME&tag=shopzilla_mp_1182-20&linkCode=asn&creative=395105&creativeASIN=B004WQINJS
oxyx3 years ago
not a bad idea, I would suggest though, drilling your caps BEFORE you adhere them together though.
Because as you can see if you look at the caps, there is a recessed area at the tops, and if you drill them after, you're always going to have a gap inbetween the caps then, and toothpaste will get caught in there and could lead to a bacteria buildup if not washed well. Which, lets face it, it's not going to be easy to wash.

SO.... drill each cap, and then use some of your adhesive of choice in that recessed area of the caps so that there's no longer that germ party pocket.

doing it this way may mean you'll have to drill it again after everything is dry, but probably well worth the extra steps to make sure you're going to avoid mold in your nifty lil contraption.

Peacecat3 years ago
Great idea!