Here's how to chop your curl downs into a custom set of bullhorns

Step 1: Supplies


Step 2: Finding a Good Candidate

When choosing handlebars make sure they will comfortably fit your natural grip

Step 3: Guide Line

Choose a comfortable cutting line

Step 4: Chop!

Time to cut! Cut along the black edge leaving all of the black marker on the handlebar. Slow and steady there folks.


 Use your scrap bar as a template for the other side and chop!again!

Step 6: Clean Up

 Using a file (or sandpaper) smooth the rough cut. I like using the file to level the cut first, then to fillet the edges.

Step 7: Finished

Finished product



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I using bullhorn for years now, but they are bend inwards. just on tip, make sure it is a not alloy (material aging, risk of sudden failure), allways go for steel (test with magnet). salute

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How do you detect the aging of the alloy? I have an alloy handlebar in one of my bikes for the last 30 years and I do not see any damage (eventhough it is daily used and not even in a good stored). I am just curious, I do not want to break the handlebar while riding.

 that looks cool, and pardon my ignorance/stupidity, its for a bike right?

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yep, I've done the flop and chop on a 12 speed and a hybrid bike. I didn't cut as much bar off so I could mount the brake levers on. Speaking of which, where are the brake levers for the bar in this instructable?

Probably for a single speed w/no handbrakes

Remember when cutting the second drop to cut the "waste side of the line" i.e. leave the line on the bars.

Easy plugs to use are wine corks--stick 'em in the ends and then shape them if needed.

 a pipe cutters like 9.99 at the hardware store. 

 These are commonly referred to as "flop 'n' chop" bars. I have a pair on my bike right now and I would say they are generally less comfortable and ergonomic than actual bullhorns or track bars. But seeing as how the ground bent my bullhorns, I didn't have much of a choice. It's good in a time/money pinch.

Nice Instructable. Clear, concise, effective. Bam.

Also, for those considering riding bars without tape or anything else over the metal, be sure to always use end-plugs on the bar. If you crash and the end of that tube stabs you it will act like a hole punch. I've heard bad stories.

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these bars were a little tweaked as well, it was either the trash or the flip chop..

I guess I didn't really consider safety.. but anyways, ya, end plugs all the way 

Nice, I think I have that exact same set of bars cut off on my whip. I used a pipe cutter to hack mine off.