Ok I like the fact you have some tech skills but I would like to interject that a burnout or (as in this case) wheelspin is caused by lack of traction. Which of course you must know is an enemy of speed and grip.
just tell me why this is on instructables? <br>
To show you that it even has the torque to do a burnout. Of Course with the other wheel taped and with posi, it goes about 30 ft with slight wheelspin.
i like your technical talk<br>
I do know a lot about cars =D
.........how much..........
I know them down to the smallest of engine parts =D
nice, and your dream car is...?
1992 Buick Roadmaster with a supercharged corvette engine, big sound system, nice interior, and a 200+ mph top speed XD
sweet, mine would have to be the 2012 chevy camaro zl1 (heavily modified)
Sounds fast XD
haha u have no idea
I know what you are talking about =D
its the classic American car, fast in a straight line but has trouble in the corners
Id want one that could actually turn while going 150 mph XD
then you are looking for a European car, something like audi r8, lamborghini murcielago, lotus elise, or noble m12 gto
Not really. Get a Corvette ZR1 'nuff said =D
nope still only in straight lines
How come they can outmaneuver a lotus at 160 mph?
because the top speed for a lotus is 150 mph<br>
Corvette ZR1's can also KILL a MURCEILAGO once it gets going XD
ugh thats hard to believe, where did you get this info... oh and you are my 200th comment haha
Nice, thanks for the sub. Look up murceilago and corvette stats and compare them =D
i will
good =D
i would like a 71 camaro with a 350 small block chevy with voo doo cam racing roller lifters a high rise manifold and a edelbrock 750cc carb to top it off 40 series flowmaster exhaust
That sounds fast too XD
about 850 hp on the ground 250+ mph

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