the buzz saw is a hily safisticated piece of tecnology if used corectally it can wipe out an army off thear feet.

Step 1: Pieces

pieces youl need.
I have every piece exept for the harpoon<br>
Cool! This could be used for a machine gun!
where do you get that lego man? he's kinda cool
saterday im going to my grandmas and there is a lot of legos there if i find another cool person and/or weapons i will take a picture of them. if you like what i found il give it to you. if you give me your adress after i show it to you and if you like it il mail it to you imedietly..... sound good ?
thank to you i am for sure gonna win that lego war
awesome i finnally have a use for those tons of harpoons i have

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