Yesterday I posted an Instructable on how to make a water bottle bag out of scraps of fabric and I mentioned that I was originally going to make it with an upcycled grocery shopping bag. Well now I'm back with another bag, and I've used the shopping bag to create it, but this time I've made a BYOB wine bottle carrier!

The shopping bag I used was too small to be of any use to carry groceries and my husband didn't think it would be of any use so he put it and another plastic bag into the garbage; oh ye of little faith! Luckily I found them before they hit the curb!

Step 1: Take Apart Your Upcycled Bags and Harvest the Pieces

To start, use a stitch ripper to undo the trim from the reusable grocery bag.

Untie the knot in the cord handle on the plastic bag. We'll only need one of them, so set one aside for another project - or use both if you're making two bags!

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