Picture of B.Z.A.R.
Intro 1.JPG
This is my Assault Rifle, the BZAR. It features a removable speed loading mag, meaning that the mag can be pre-loaded, and then inserted into the gun. The Speed Loading part means that the mag can be loaded without ever taking out the pusher, or pulling off the bands. This makes this gun extremely fast to reload; just pull off the empty mag, and clip in a new one. Plus, if you're out of mags, they're easily reloaded, or you can just push four more bullets into the chamber, and use it as a micro-mag.


  • Size: 15.2" x 5.9"
  • Range: ~ 30-40 ft.
  • Accuracy: Consistent
  • Pc. Count: Med. High
  • Mag Size: 7 (11 with extended mag)

Step 1: Handle and Trigger

Picture of Handle and Trigger
hand 2.JPG
hand 3.JPG
hand 4.JPG
This is my all new handle, designed with comfort in mind.

1. Build these.
2. And these
3. Attach here.
4. Add the final layer.
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I broke one of the white connectors like in step 1 BEFORE I built this
can you put bbs in the mag?
james44 years ago
i know what b.z.a.r. stand for big z's assault rifle
 good gun!
but the gun isn't good for long range shots
Big Z (author)  matsermetsuiker5 years ago
Thanks man! Try putting a couple more bands on for extra range, it can handle a fair amount of pressure.
i made iron sights mad beast u have pistol sights or rifle by one attachment
Merugop Big Z5 years ago
 lol i cant get the ramrod in place with 6 rbs

Actually, you could make a stock that slots into the bottom of the handle if you make it completely hollow in there, and have the grey two-slot be a yellow to attach it firmly.
Made one; I now have a slightly oversized pistol-I only made it to the mag and a white and red past that so it has some accuracy. Great range, but I'm almost out of parts to use as ammo due to mag size.
MegaMetal85 years ago
im gonna make dis tonight


K1TK4T 1175 years ago
oh btw my old account was jackdb1998
K1TK4T 1175 years ago
today was the sad day when i had to take this apart :( :( :( :(. ive made better things like the ZLG, The MeZak oodamo pistol  and the ZKAR (all off KI)
Raikou-san5 years ago
How did I miss this? Might build soon.
Prranavan5 years ago

nice gun i really want to make it but i dnt hav enough pieces coz i have used them for my V8 engine gonna get more so hopefully i will make it then  anyway great gun. 5*

An Villain5 years ago
awesome chamber, this boosts my rating.
jackdb19986 years ago
best gun that I've made!!! I have been looking for a gun with a mag like this for weeks
 me too

Big Z (author)  jackdb19986 years ago
Thx, i'm glad you found one!
jackdb19985 years ago
ive recently been running low on knex pieces cos i have used loads on my new chain gun turret and i have taken apart nerly all of my other guns but i refuse to dismantle this bcos its just sooooo gooood!

if u havnt made it yet then  make it now
 Can I make a suggestion?

Have the ram rod be sharpened. If the ram is not sharpened and there is too much power, the ram rod will slide into the grey connector and the two pieces will be clipped together. That means taking apart the gun, and fixing it every time. A sharpened rod would not clip into the grey connector.

That's my advice, but it's only for those who want it.

J Moneyman5 years ago
stuff to do: stick it in ur mouth and pull the trigger and see how strong it is!
I shot my right leg with over 300 knex guns to test the power, so far the highest is sr v2. It hurts. Because most of the range of knex guns is floating range which means it doesn't hurt after a few fett.
whats it shoot
Big Z (author)  altair ibn la ahad5 years ago
Grey clips
J Moneyman5 years ago
looks comfy!
Big Z (author)  J Moneyman5 years ago
knexguy6 years ago
I like the handle, I think Extreme Builder made a gun which loaded via a mag and the handle? Could work on this.
smilee knexguy6 years ago
No banana inventor I think. (been a long time since I could say his name!)
Big Z (author)  knexguy6 years ago
Yes, if modded, the handle could be used as a spare mag, you'd just have to pull the ram farther back. NikAwesomes NASA can be used that way too.
chopstx6 years ago
wow! this gun is great! i think it would be better if it had a stock...... this gun truely is bzar! 4*
Big Z (author)  chopstx6 years ago
Lol, thx
chopstx Big Z6 years ago
do you think you could try to add a stock? if not i am gonna make one.
Big Z (author)  chopstx6 years ago
There's really no room to add one, if I kept the pistol grip it would be in the way of the ram, and the connection point would be too weak anyway. If I used a rifle grip, the handle would be too angled, and your hand would be in the way of the ram.
chopstx Big Z6 years ago
oh. i see. alright, thanks anyways!
Bartboy6 years ago
Big Z (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
Thanks, whats with the "....."?
Bartboy Big Z6 years ago
Could be better, but it's still cool.
Big Z (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
cerj6 years ago
reminds me of the R700 bolt-action sniper
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