Baby Bath Melts





Introduction: Baby Bath Melts

Tiny baby bath melts specially formulated to be safe of children and infants. Just drop one into a bath for relaxing sleepy effects and super soft moisturised skin. Keep refrigerated when made as will go soft at room temperature. Can be used by adults too but small size and specific blend is great for youngsters.

Step 1: Process

I added about a third of a 500g tub of coconut oil to a pan with about a teaspoon of beeswax. I put this pan over a second pan with a little bit of water simmering so oil and wax could melt. Once melted I added the contents of a chamomile and vanilla herbal tea bag and a few drops of lavender essential oil to the mix. I poured into an ice Cube tray to set and topped each one with a bergamot flower. I put in the freezer for about an hour so they where hard and easy to pop out of the moulds. Then use one per bath as required.



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As the baby skin is so soft and
delicate, we should check the products properly before using them in
baby's skin. If not checked, it may react and could bring many
allergy related problems. However, this baby bath product is looking
so good and soothing. And the making process is too very easy. Thanks
for this valuable suggestion and i hope mommies around the world
would see this.

Do you have a recipe for a cold reluef version safe for babies over 6 months?

these look amazing. I'm glad you adjusted so your melts could be shared. looking forward to seeing more of your ideas.