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    Ever thought about selling them?

    No, having fun making them, making them to sell would take all the fun out of it. I would not know what to charge either! You can buy these shaped knives from a guy who makes them to sell. Many colors of handles to choose from too. Kind of expensive though.

    What kind of steel did you use for this.

    Great tutorial. Few questions: What about tempering the steel to make the blade stronger? Would using a blowtorch or propane torch work?

    These knives are great!!
    Love the artisan look they have.

    I got 3/16 " brass rods @ one of the box stores, Lowees, Homey Depot, or the other place I go, Chinese Tractor Supply! One of them should have it! Use a matching 3/16" drill bit , no glue is needed! Mine are tight, once you peen (round) over the ends on both sides. Enjoy, be safe. Triumphman

    I dont mean to sound like a perv or anything and im sorry but for a second Homey (guessing that was a typo) looked totaly different yeah well go with that different but anyways this is realy cool :) I cant wait to make one myself

    I just started the "Grizzly Bear" knife from an old piece of leaf spring I found! Its really big and bad! Here is a picture of my progress so far!


    I just started to cut out the basic shape for a bigger knife, I am calling it the "Grizzly Bear" ! Its 1/4" thick, 11 ounces right now, leaf spring steel, rugged and heavy! I'm just having a little trouble with the center hole, the steel is really hard, I have tried anealing, but it did not help! I finally got a small hole by using a masonry drill bit. Most of my drills just squeal and smoke. Oil did not help. The center hole needs to be an inch or so. Any ideas?

    I can imagine this as an assassination weapon... Very good work in other words!