Baby Bed in Bed




Introduction: Baby Bed in Bed

Some infants have a hard time sleeping far from their parents and can fuss for hours.
This simple device allows infants to sleep in their parents bed while reducing the risk of rolling over, or the parents suffocating the infant moving while asleep. This is a low cost, fast and easy project. It took me about an hour to cut, assemble, varnish and sand. Made from clean scrap wood from the workshop + free lacquer.

There are many ways to hold a baby or have your baby sleep. I liked this video a lot for holding a baby:

Step 1: One Piece of Wood, 4 Cuts

Cut the bottom parts and side.
Cut it to the size of your baby. In my case, it is 25% wider and longer than my baby's size.

I prepared 2 square pieces that I sanded on one edge before assembling.

Step 2: Nail the Assembly

I used short nails I applied with a gun to secure my wood glue assembly.

Step 3: Perpendicular Is Nice

It did not have to be accurate, but it was just more comfortable to work on the bench vise.

Step 4: Round Edges

I made sure to round the edges so it is comfortable and safe for me and the baby to handle the mini open bed.

Step 5: Let Dry for a Few Minutes, Clear the Excess Glue

Step 6: Varnish

Step 7: Let Dry and Sand!

Step 8: Enjoy Some Sleep!

Make sure the baby is not sleeping directly on wood. Here triple-swaddled.

How to swaddle?

Hopefully, this can improve your sleep!



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